Nationwide large-scale control against mobile phones at the wheel

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Just a quick message to read every day, many drivers engage during the drive to the phone. With a nationwide control, the police want to do today, at the risk of distraction at the wheel carefully.

Who moves on Thursday with a cell phone in Hand or headphones in the ear in the road, risking to be stopped by the police. Around 11,000 police officers are just under 3200 controls and actions in use nationwide, to highlight the dangers of distraction of attention, such as the Ministry of the interior in Saxony-announced-lasting. The country currently holds the presidency of the conference of interior Ministers and for the organization of the new action “Safe. Mobile. Life”.

Many drivers underestimate the consequences of distracting activities while Driving. You use your phone, cause emotional calls, use navigation equipment, food and drink, or pick up objects. Statistics from other European countries and international studies showed that more than half of all traffic accidents in connection with “diversion” – and the trend is rising. The spectrum ranges distracting activities from the cigarette burn on the control over the operation of the Navi and phone to the concerned permanent view on the back seat of the small child in the rear-view mirror. Who looks at a velocity of 50 km/h in three seconds on his cell phone, moved about 40 meters in the “blind flight”.

In the case of accident is the mobile phone ensured

And also cyclists and pedestrians with loud music and view on the phone screen. The attention of officials, rests, therefore, on pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. In addition to phone sinners also belt muffle, pushy, and speeders should be stopped and in addition to the usual fine to be reminded of. In addition to these controls, many of the actions with driving and rollover simulators, a distraction course, and information booths planned, it said.

Brandenburg is also an additional focus on young drivers and seniors to address and to advise. Hamburg has also a Truck driver, travel newspaper, coffee, cooking, or watching movies, especially in the visor. The Hamburg police has also, then, that in the future, in the case of transport, phones, accidents, mobile will be ensured, in order to identify possible causes of accidents. In other länder, as well as accident gaffer will have to reckon with intense checks, interviews, and penalties. The interior Ministers of the countries had decided by the end of 2017, to organize every year a day for more traffic safety.

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