New Porsche 911 : new photos and a video of the cabin

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Here is the rear of the new Porsche 911. Note the strip of light that reaches the lights.

While the new Porsche 911 is expected to be unveiled at the salon of Los Angeles in two months, we can see it thanks to the new images where she appears without camouflage.

Porsche is preparing to present by the end of the year, the eighth generation of its iconic 911. As for each new version, the German sports should not upset the established codes on the map stylistically. However, new photos – where we can see, in particular, its rear part without camouflage – we show some of its subtle developments.

The one who will carry the code name 992 seems to wear a silhouette that is sleeker, but with curves still as marked. We note that the taillights seem to be smoothed compared to the previous model and that they are connected by a headband light thicker than on the current full versions, as is the case on the recent Cayenne and Panamera.

The ventilation grille of the engine cover also seems to be more narrow than before, while thees exhaust outlets are larger, then we are a priori in the presence of a standard Carrera or Carrera S.

For these models, which should represent as always the basis of the offer, we should find under the hood of the current flat-six 3.0 turbo, in variants ranging from approximately 380 to 450 hp (370 and 420 hp on the 911 current). The big news for this generation, however, will be the arrival a little later of a brand-new hybrid version.


A cockpit digital

Finally, a short video posted on Instagram by a dealer in california allows us to see the new cockpit. It will be fully digital, with only an analog tachometer in the center, and will be assisted by another panoramic screen located on the right.

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A publication partag�e by Elizabeth Diomin (@elizabethporsche) on 20 Sept. 2018 � 8 :47 pm PDT

On the other hand, while many predicted a presentation of the new 911 to the World in Paris next week, it would seem that Porsche reserve this exclusive lounge in Los Angeles. Therefore, we will have to wait until the end of the month of November to know everything about this car.


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