Nine cities to test the green arrow is only for cyclists

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In spite of the red light, turn right – this allows for the green arrow. At some intersections in the future, only the cyclist should be able to take advantage of it.

In nine German cities, the introduction of a green arrow should be checked only for cyclists. Such traffic signs to be placed at some node points in Bamberg, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, Köln, Leipzig, München, Münster, Germany, Reutlingen, and Stuttgart, the Federal highway research Institute, told nature.


Green arrow for cyclists

The road sign with the green arrow allows right next to a traffic light at red light, the right turn Stop to prior. This scheme is since 1994 part of the Federal German road traffic regulations. In the GDR, the green arrow was introduced already in 1978.

Pedestrian lobby sees green arrow critical

The former regime is controversial. There is at intersections with the green arrow to the increased risk of accident, the pedestrian Association “walk” and relied on a study. The evaluation of 505 intersections in Germany showed that there was at the 169 surveyed intersections with a green arrow in three years, 20 accidents with damage to persons. At intersections without an arrow, this value was 14.

For motorists, the Benefits of the Green arrow, according to a study by the accident research of the insurers (UDV). Because of the effect of the right corners with Red am just Smoking away my master at the next traffic light. “The green arrow is, therefore, purely objective, a redundant road signs”, – stated in the UDV.

The pilot project of the Federal office for road engineering is now to examine whether a restriction of the scheme increases Cycling traffic safety. The green arrows at the intersections of the nine cities with the addition of “only Cycling”.

In the year 2020 will be about a possible adaptation of the road traffic regulations are to be decided. Similar schemes, the cyclists have to turn right when the Red enable, there is already in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.


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