Nissan Project Clubsport 23 : 370Z dedicated to the track

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This 370Z a little bit special is endowed with the V6 biturbo engine of 406 horsepower of the Infiniti Q60.

For the Sema Show 2018, Nissan has a 370Z prepared and optimized for the circuit. Much more fierce than the original model, it will adopt a V6 twin-turbo 400 hp.

Showing almost ten years of career, the Nissan 370Z seems to be today a little bit forgotten by the lovers of sports. However, it would not much for it to come back on the front of the stage and reassert himself as one of the few cut-propulsion available in the market. This is what Nissan has, it appears, wanted to show to the Sema Show, the great mass of american tuning, with its concept of Project Clubsport 23, which, however, remains reserved for the track.


The 370Z goes to the turbo

In the first place, this 370Z exchange his old V6 3.7 air against the V6 3.0 biturbo engine of the Infiniti Q60. She earns well over 60 hp in the process (406 ch instead of 344), and above all a good dose of punch, now with 475 Nm available from 1600 rpm. The icing on the cake, this block is seen here coupled to a mechanical gearbox, which is a first on this motor, through a clutch and a flywheel designed MY Motorsport.

The 370Z inherits more ofa limited slip differential as well as an exhaust specific, of which the two outputs are placed on each side of the license plate. The brake has also been optimised by Z1 Motorsports, while the suspension has been entrusted to KW, and Eibach.

The exhaust outlets are here placed at the level of the license plate.

On the aesthetic level, we note in particular the presence of rims Rays black 18-inch a engine cover in carbon drilled with vents and of course an orange paint the most beautiful effect. Inside, the seats and steering wheel have been replaced by elements Sparco, which further enhances the atmosphere of the race.

It should be noted that Nissan would think about it to possibly offer for sale some of the parts used on this concept. But for the option ” V6 biturbo “, do not dream too much…


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