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Without fuel, The Targa hat:-Version is 2600 euros more expensive than the Roadster.
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The Mazda MX-5 has long become a cult car. He is still the minimalist two-seater and a representative of the fun-stressed open-top driving. The crisp Form, but he gets more power.

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          He has long since become an icon, even though he has hardly found access to the better circles of the Roadster-circles of friends. Where Mercedes-Benz SLK, Porsche holding 718 Boxster or BMW Z4, the yard, the driver of a Mazda MX-5 is usually not a Lobby.

          The minimalist is highlighted tables are two-seaters with a fabric soft-top from the Japanese brand despite its appreciation with assistance systems and a little more comfort, still a representative of the old school, fun and genuine open-top driving. Neither turbo engine or electrically operated fabric soft-top dull pleasure of the purist driving. Especially the Version with the two-liter petrol engine now promises even more joy when cornering robbers. Not only because the Revision of the four-cylinder meets in the future, the so far most stringent emission standard 6d Temp without constipation ready gasoline particulate filter creates, but mainly because the engine with more power output of 17 kW (24 PS) to 135 kW (184 HP).

          With external modifications of the just 3,90 Meter long Roadster is not in the first place. Mazda knows that the crisp forms of the current fourth Generation, able to inspire, there must not be filed or be re-modeled. Carrying the deeper Seating position, which leads to more head – and legroom. The tight Around the leather-covered steering wheel is still flattering in the Hand, now the Valance can be not only horizontally, but also axially by about ten centimetres. This improves the Seating position.

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          The achievements of the electronics in the MX-5 can no longer ignore. New on Board are the communication programs Android Auto and Apple Car Play, which integrate the Smartphone in the communication network on Board, and the seven-inch colour monitor on the dashboard to integrate are available on request. Has increased the scope of the assistance systems, including traffic sign recognition, the round instrument is displayed the current speed limit commands with your in the left, some to a brisk Drive to a halt. The rear camera is a Roadster, a rather expendable equipment, not to mention the fatigue alert the driver.

          Better also, the optional LED Matrix guaranteed to See light, the same technology smoldering daytime running lights it is more around to be seen. From the point of view of the drink holder, not more sway now on the front of the center console around, but this to the back walked, and there in front of the storage compartment between the Seats slouch disappeared. Some may criticize the limited access. At strammer pass travel, the intake of beverages but it is anyway not recommended, stylish locks in place of the MX-5 driver, on the top of the pass and its refreshing takes on the Espresso appropriately on the terrace of the top Bar. By the start button to life, the revised two-liter gasoline engine a powerful growl, his peak performance, he now achieves with an impressive 7000 Rpm. The maximum Torque has risen by five to 205 Newton meters, but most of all it is already at 4000 Rpm, 600 rpm sooner than before. The power switching lazy Driving even more comfortable than before. For the first Time, there is a six-speed automatic transmission for 1900 Euro surcharge, this remains the Targa Version of the MX-5 for 30 390 Euro reserved (image).

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          The Roadster with a big machine now costs a minimum of 27 790 Euro, more performance and more equipment Mazda with around 2000 euros to pay. For this, he sprints in 6.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and reaches 219 km/h top. As consumption of the manufacturer calls 6.9 litres of petrol for 100 kilometres. For the sake of completeness it should be mentioned that the 1.5-litre petrol engine in the base model is now 97 kW (132 PS), a kW more than before for 22 990 rubles. Driving performance and consumption, which affects, however, only marginal.

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