Novice driver loses driver’s license after 49 minutes

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Not even an hour was an 18-Year-old in the Sauerland on his driver’s license – then the police took him. A particularly unpleasant: At the time of his Offense, he had four friends in the car.

Just 49 minutes has to be allowed to 18-Year-old in North Rhine – Westphalia, about his new driving licence- then he had to give it back. The novice was a short time after passing the driving test in Hemer (Sauerland) in a speed control of the police, he was caught with 95 instead of the allowed 50 km / hour.

In the car with four friends of 18 sat the according to-Year-olds. The boy pace a sinner he was, according to the district police authority, Märkischer Kreis, a hefty fine, a driving ban, the extension of his probationary period, and an expensive Retraining . As if that were not enough, commented the press office of the local police sardonically: “Some things last forever, some not even an hour.”


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