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After Tesla and Jaguar, Audi now brings an electric SUV. Can make the e-tron, the residue betting? The Test.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Thursday, 11.10.2018
At 18:05

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The first impression: For the first Audi of a new Era sees the e-tron’s relatively familiar. Only the unusual grille and the fake cooling fins around the battery in the car’s floor point to the electric drive.

Says the manufacturer: We do not want the First, but to be the Best – so has Audi’s interim chief Bram Schot at the world premiere in San Francisco, mutatis mutandis, the delay is excused. In comparison to its competitors, Audi is using its first electric car of late, Tesla and Jaguar have long since comparable models on the market. At the launch of the e-tron a few weeks ago, the old brand slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik was” often reveals itself in the New only on second glance. Tab, so the developers argue that external not in the battery capacity or the performance, but in the finesse with which of the selected battery and drives the most mileage and the biggest fun out of being tickled. “And since we have a lot to think of,” says Tobias Greiner from the development team.

The e-tron will not be marked, but Audi is only the beginning of the race to catch up. “But we will give the start signal for an electrical Offensive, and bring up to 2025, a total of twelve pure E-vehicles.”

The we noticed: Not only the outside of the e-tron, at first glance, familiar. Also inside, you will find your way right away. Because basically the battery-car architecture and ambience uses current models like the Q8: There is the same digital instruments, the same touch screen and, just as in the conventional Audi of upper class otherwise comparatively little switch. Only the selector lever to the direction of travel, the design chief Marc Lichte, according to his own admission of space ships in Science Fiction-films, has inspired.

Take a look in the interior of the Audi e-tron – with our 360-degree photo:

The space order in the e-tron changes, however, is a little: In the first row there is now a huge storage compartment where used to be the transmission. The backbenchers get more room for your feet because they remain on the high transmission tunnel of a conventional Quattro’s hanging. In spite of the huge batteries in the car bottom of the e-tron is plenty of space for Luggage: the 600 litres, rear 60 litres, which has found Audi to the front again, because the E-Motor and electronics take up less space than a gas.

If you press the start button, the 408 HP and 664 Nm of the two E-awakening, motors, hisses, the car is amazing in a hurry – in spite of the proud to 2.5 tons. At least then it’s over, with the Parallels to the other Audi models. Because so silky and still the Plug do not sprint once-in-not to mention hybrids from the burners.

In electric Driving, the e-tron is no different but only from all the other Audi models, but also from the direct competition. So the Bavarians have built-in, for example, electric motors, and their interior with a liquid is cooled so that it can not only accelerate once, but again and again, without that the car would at some point in the emergency, such as a Tesla. You have programmed seven-minute profiles. These range from “off-road” with more traction and five centimetres of extra ground clearance in the standard air suspension to “Dynamic” with a three-centimeter-lowered center of gravity.

In favour of the thrill of the drift angle for the first time can be in an electric car, the driving stability program ESP completely disabled. And you have installed a smart brake pedal that continues for as long as possible on the thrust reverser of the generator and the mechanical brake only as the Ultima Ratio. Although the engineers have about the many electro enthusiasts, with an estimated One-Pedal-Drive somehow forgotten. The car can be braked only by LOB of the Gasfußes. The three on the steering Wheel selectable recuperation levels, but all much too weak.

The possible range is expected to lie with a 95 kWh battery capacity, even in the strict WLTP cycle in the case of “significantly more than 400 kilometers,” the promise of the Audi developers. Because you have to pin anyway sometime current, provide wink, the engineers in the tiresome stop at the charging station after all, for a eyes. The fuel filler flap, the e-tron opens electrically.

The need to know: Built the e-tron in Brussels, alone, from Europe there are, according to Audi, already more than 10,000 pre-orders. The delivery in Germany will start in December. The prices start at 79.900 euros and, unlike the Burners, there is for the drive only one configuration: The battery is always 95 kWh, both motors he always accelerated 408 HP, which in 5.7 seconds from 0 to 100. At 200 km/h the car is limited electronically. (On how he performs in comparison to the competition, read here)

A lot of effort, Audi also operates for the Load – both in terms of technology, with one or two 11 kW chargers on Board and the Option of a quick charge in the 150 kW-pillars. In addition, the manufacturer offers a customer card for at least 80 percent of the approximately 65,000 charging stations in Europe.


Video cameras instead of rear-view mirror

We will not forget: The video cameras, the e-tron on request, the side mirrors replaced. Due to the lower air resistance of the e-tron wins this alone up to 35 km range. With the first use of this technique in large series, the e-tron will actually deliver, literally, a new perspective on the competition.

Vehicle registration certificate




two electric motors

408 HP (300 kW)

Torque (Electric Motor):
664 Nm

From 0 to 100:
5.7 s

Maximum speed:
200 km/h


660 Liter

1.725 litres

2,500 kg


79.900 GBP

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