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The yellow bikes of Obike made in Germany for a lot of Trouble. Now, the provider is apparently broke and behind in Europe to 30,000 wheels.

It started so brilliantly as annoying: 7000-yellow bikes flooded Obike in the year 2017, almost overnight, the city of Munich, followed later in other large cities. But the European adventures of the rental bike provider is terminated after a year, the company from Singapore’s local media reports that broke.

Back only the memory of a lot of Trouble, but also the 30,000 bicycles in Germany and the Netherlands. Picked up the so far, no one explains Munich’s Cycling officer Florian Paul: “This is a big Nuisance. We are trying to achieve for weeks and months at Obike someone who takes care of the removal of the wheels.” Other German and European cities to report problems: In Hannover can be reached, according to a spokeswoman for the city since last Thursday no one at Obike. In Frankfurt, the company have removed a rare as incorrectly parked bikes in a timely manner, and had then been partly reached, said the spokesman of the traffic Department

Obike is in arrears

Because in the world of logistics, it was Obike seems to be quite messy: 10,000 yellow bicycles have been waiting since November of last year in a warehouse in Hamburg, on – new and unused. Originally, they should be in the spring of 2018 delivered, explained to the landlord to MIRROR ONLINE. Not more has happened since then, nothing, the rent paid for the Startup Initially extremely late – and, later, at all, about 35,000 Euro.

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However, Obike is not only in the case of Rent in arrears: In Singapore, the company stopped operations after the local transport authority had introduced licensing fees to get the flood of bikes into the handle. On Obikes vehicles, cyclists in Singapore have to do without in the future – but not only that: For the use had to be deposited between 12 and 30 Euro Deposit, which you will not see again probably. Because the company funded with the revenue the current operation, about four million Euro of Deposit fees have not been paid back.

Charged credit probably worthless

Also in Europe, Obike don’t get back customers paid deposits for the time being, and also the loaded balance is lost. Unowned the wheels, however, are not and can not be removed. They belong to the Swiss company “Umzug24”, which was actually for the maintenance and distribution of the wheels: “We have agreed with Obike, the collected bicycles belong to us, as compensation for outstanding payments,” explains Umzug24 staff Sercan Ocar.

(For more on the action “Germany speaks” can be found here .)

Actually, the company should deliver the wheels in Europe and defective specimens to collect. This is, however, more difficult than I thought: The App is no longer functioning properly, the make, the positioning of the wheels difficult. For the wheels, you’ve collected already, the Swiss company now, buyers who want to buy at least 500 bikes – because Obike withdraw definitely from Europe, which was in writing, so Ocar.


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