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Large wheels and an LED roof sky like a star tent: In the fourth Generation, BMW is doing everything it can to make the SUV X5 more luxurious. In order for it to compete with the magnificent limousine to the 7-series.



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Tom Grünweg

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Tuesday, 16.10.2018
05:05 PM

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The first impression: man, is the man dick. The new X5 is bigger than ever. And so everyone’s going to know really, BMW is for the first Time in a car on up to 22 inch wheels.

Says the manufacturer: That BMW the X5 after only five years of exchanges, is not about the poor sales. The SUV stands at the top of the approvals in the Segment of luxury SUVs. Project Manager Johann Kistler founded the early generation with the new emission limit values. This is a different vehicle architecture is necessary. Now the X5 important components with the 7er, 5er and X3 divides and benefits not only the drive, but also in Infotainment and assistance systems of the other models of the house.

Photo gallery

Autograph BMW X5:
Of 15,000 stars in car heaven

The we noticed: as soon As you get behind the wheel of the X5 course has taken, you feel like the king of the road. With a total weight of more than two tons, a raised Seating position, you find yourself invulnerable and literally above it all. Unlike many other site of this Format is this sense of sovereignty has not been accompanied by a certain inertia, but animated to the driver by the position of the seat and facing Cockpit to a dedicated gait.

Take a look in the interior of the BMW X5 – with our 360-degree photo:

The sporty driving experience is supported by a technology that comes in a BMW SUV for the first Time, the electronically controlled rear axle differential lock, which improves traction. Together with a four-wheel drive that can distribute his power, this time completely free between the axles, the rear a little more agile, so that brings the car more easily to the curve, and a bit of a sporty feel.

But BMW has not improved in the development of the X5, only the dynamics, but also for the comfort of done. For the first time, the engineers built an air suspension for both axles, as is the competition for a long time. The suspension irons out the bumps gently. Because the rubber bellows offer in the wheel arch but in addition, eight inches of displacement and it profiles the many special off-road programs out there, the X5 is now also in the grounds is a good piece – even if hardly anyone is towing an 80,000 Euro car voluntarily in the Dirt.



Of course the X5, neither as a sports car as a car for adventure, but as a company car or family car, when one of the station wagon has become too stuffy. And in this role, the X5 probably makes the most, but at least the most significant progress. Because BMW has not only created more space for passengers in the rear by the SUV is now four inches longer and nearly seven inches wider. In particular, for load master of the X5 is a stunner: 650 to 1 870 litres of boot capacity, the X5 offers more volume than many wagons in this price class. In addition, there are, on request, an electrically powered tailgate that is divided as eh and the horizontal and therefore into Parking spaces it occupies little space and many practical Details. An electrically retractable load compartment cover or rails, which are gummed belongs to, and on the mountain automatically from the boot floor to lift, so as to prevent the load from slipping. In the case of conventional station wagons in vain. Who needs more places for passengers, the BMW offers the X5 with three rows of seats.

The need to know: Although all-terrain vehicles and SUVs as unreasonable to apply and a lot of Gas to swallow, they are at the car buyers. In Germany, the share of all licensed cars has increased in the current year to 27.1 percent. BMW surfs on this wave extremely successfully.

The production of the new X5 in the US plant in Spartanburg has already begun, however, until the first cars off the ship and when the traders are, it is November. First of all, there will be three engine variants, all based on a series of six-cylinder three-litre engine: a Single gasoline engine of 70.700 Euro X5 40i with 340 HP, 243 km/h top and an average fuel consumption of 8.5 litres. In addition, there are for 69.200 euros a X5 30d with 265 HP, 230 km/h and 6,0 litres average fuel consumption. At model launch, the group also offers the X5 M40d, as a Performance model with a bit of Tuning of the M GmbH comes up to 400 HP and 250 km/h, but also 92.900 Euro costs. The consumption should be at 6.8 litres.

However, with the 30d with a maximum of 620 Nm. The engine accelerates the X5, with emphasis, on the highway a long breath and, at least in theory, reasonably economical. Who wants to have an even better paper value, the BMW sold in the next year, a Plug-in hybrid. Thanks to the unrealistic standard cycle, this comes at a system output of 394 HP and an electric range of up to 80 miles on a consumption of hardly more than two liters.

But BMW wants to not only drive on the highway in the front of the, but also in the digitization. New, animated instruments, a large Touchscreen with Online Infotainment, AppStore and Cloud connectivity, as well as a host of assistance systems that relieve the driver everything that the legislator allows is already. New and the Format is certainly not bad a mover, there are as yet nowhere is Because of the X5 realizes permanently the last about 100 meters of its route, it can save a automatically from tricky situations: those Who have not found out, for example out of a Parking space, just press a button, step on the Gas and brakes and the electronics driving the same way out of the mess, as the driver has been controlled.

We will not forget: The newly-discovered love for luxury, the BMW the X5 exercising as he would be a magnificent sedan. A panoramic roof like the Skylounge with more than 15,000 LED illuminated light points or controls in crystal optics made of glass – not even the 7-series.

Vehicle registration certificate

Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW)

X5 30d


In-Line Six-Cylinder, Common-Rail-Diesel


All-wheel drive

2.993 ccm

224 HP (165 kW)

From 0 to 100:
6.5 s

Maximum speed:
230 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
6.0 Liter

CO2 emissions:
158 g/km


650 liters

1.870 liters

2.185 kg

4922 / 2004 / 1745

69 EUR

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