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Sprint race in the small car, sheet metal to sheet metal, with 580 horsepower and all-wheel-drive – rally-Cross. However, the PS-Monster is difficult to tame, as Roland Löwisch at the wheel of the Audi S1 EKS WRX quattro experienced.



Friday, 12.10.2018
At 08:11

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It actually sounds like the dream of every racer: 580 HP, all-wheel drive and a runway wannabe. My night before was quite restless, and was – frankly – 580 HP, all-wheel drive and a runway.

I want to have a rally-Cross driving on a track that I know of to date. It is 1,294 kilometers long, consists of 60% Asphalt and 40% gravel and is located on the Bikernieki National Sport Base near Riga. There is less run-off areas than on the legendary Nürburgring-Nordschleife, peppered with a lot of immutable concrete barriers, and three hills. Professionals jump to the artificial hills up to 30 meters, for a complete round, the best do not need 50 seconds.

The test of an Audi S1 cars in innocent Pink. In this case, the vehicle not only has far more power than a race car for the German touring championship (DTM), but is the latest version of the Audi S1 EKS WRX, driving DTM professional Nico Müller, when he completed a guest start in the rally-Cross. This extremely entertaining and outgoing motor sports enjoys worldwide popularity.

So rally-Cross (RC)works when the rally was invented-Cross?

Rally-Cross, was invented in 1967 in England – originally for television as a break clown of the Deposit, but due to the huge popularity rapidly. Long as this type has not been taken of contact Motorsport seriously. It is only since 2014 with a FIA-RC-world Cup exists.

How does a championship?

A season consists of twelve race weekends, the majority of which takes place in Europe. The shortest Track is only 952 metres long, the longest 1.3 km. There will be four qualification four laps in the semi-finals and the final six rounds of racing. The twelve-point best compete in two semi-finals against each other. To the finals the best six riders in the semi-finals. Otherwise, The fastest wins, as everywhere in the real Racing:.

What is the route?

Each route consists of a mixture of Asphalt and gravel. In each race, a so-called Joker Lap duty is: Within the four or six rounds, each driver must use this short alternative route, the shortening of the round or can extend.

What exactly is the Joker Lap?

This is always (part of) gravel, while the regular path is paved. This means that The driver normally two to three seconds in the Joker Lap longer. What time is the Joker’s Lap, not the drivers, but you can get the best time by a “Spotter” informed over the radio. The observer has the Overview of the entire race. Normal tactic is to make it so that the Leading takes the Joker Lap until the very end. Who’s driving at the beginning, in the back, gets rid of the task as early as possible. Who caused an early start, you must go to the penalty twice in the Joker Lap.

Which rally-Cross classes are there?

The highest RC are Supercars (up to 600 HP, two-liter gasoline engine, all-wheel drive), followed by the Touring Cars (two-liter gasoline engine, rear-wheel drive) and the Super 1600 (1.6-litre gasoline engine, front-wheel drive). The many, mostly around the five minute sprint race starting almost without a Pause, so the Fans are entertained.

When will the next RC run in Germany?

The eleventh and penultimate race of this year’s season takes place from 13. to 14. October at the Estering at Buxtehude.

From a distance the car looks like a compact car, the Audi Botox has to be injected. With the conventional A1 of the race car shares the Chassis, the roof pillars and the windscreen wiper – that was it but also already with the similarities. Because of the jumps and the dirt tracks for a soft-tuned suspension is completely different. The engine makes 580 HP and 700 Nm of maximum torque to all four wheels, which are only to be reined in

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Rally-Audi S1 EKS WRX quattro:
A dream for would-be racers

due to limited courage, limited or enough sanity of the pilot. This means: The driver with no electronic helps – no stability program, no traction control, no stutter brake. Not even servo power for steering or brake is not available. Here, the driver is still Lord in the plastic, the outer growing parts of the racer are all made of plastic and race to survive in its entirety is hardly one of the respective five minutes.

DTM professional Nico Müller himself let me in on the secrets of the car. It’s just been repaired. At the ninth WRX race of the season in Riga, he had been in the semi-final against a barrier pushed and had to retire with a broken front suspension.

In order to have a better center of gravity, sits in comparison to the series-S1 about in the footwell of the back-benchers. Pretty dark down here, you can see hardly anything. The sequential transmission is shifted by pressure to the front over the fat gear lever, to the front means gear up, back down. The even bigger lever in addition decoupled to initiate the rear wheels of four-wheel drive and blocks it on request – a forced drift in race pace at the best.

In the Central console, the six buttons are most concerned with the engine settings. For lay people like me prefer to stay away. In front of the windshield LED to show, when to turn into the next higher gear, on the steering column, in turn, is a great indicator for the selected gear. In the detachable steering Wheel are four small buttons: windshield wipers, washing, water, radio and AS. The “Anti-Lag” System is off, it protects the powertrain and exhaust heat. Under load it should be active – then it holds up when Switching to the speed, so there is no turbo lag may occur.

The steering is extremely direct

In order to conserve the clutch, should I start slowly, explains Müller. To engage the first gear, the clutch must be depressed, then the car rolls. As soon as the turbo pressure is there, shoots the car forward. The very short translated passages must then be vigorously and without the clutch pedal in the wind, not inserted – as I reach the first curve. Thanks to a maximum torque of 700 Newton metres, the professionals in 2.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h – this is faster than supercars like a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ or a McLaren Senna can. So a rally-Cross car is no extreme light weight with driver must weigh-in according to the regulations, a minimum of 1300 pounds.

The steering is extremely direct, and the good counsel of Miller, to turn not so much to keep the “Pink Panther” quiet, I can not comply. The pros brakes and do not speed up just because you want to be slower or faster, but also to bring a targeted load to the front or rear axle for better traction: “You have to play switch with the load. You have to feel, and when the Rotation comes and when you can pass Gas,” explains Müller.

In theory, this sounds not so difficult, but in practice… Müller further explains, as I controlled the car can stand out: “Before the jump a little brake, but not during Take-off. Prefer before you answer something fast on the Gas, so that the load in the back. In the air by the Gas to go, otherwise it is fast on the Rev limiter. But not the brakes, changed the trajectory of negative. And as flat as possible, not landing – just on the nose…”

The pink Monster comes to rain tires

I don’t know how I did it. It all went much too fast. However, the car flies. An uplifting feeling of controlled leave the ground – until the next curve is coming to meet me much too quickly. Hardly, this task is passed halfway, it starts to rain. The slightly profiled Rennpneus sensitive to moisture, the car drives like on soap. Although the car is easy to drift, but first, it’s not fast, and secondly, the track is so narrow that the concern to pursue, in spite of the small dimensions of the car.

During the forced stop, the mechanic put the pink Monster on rain tires. “The super when Accelerating and braking,” Muller courage, “just a guide, not much.” So be even more careful. Although the journey will soon be liquid, because in my head, slowly, the track layout, but to beat 580 short translated HP as quickly as possible over the wet surface, and opens every Pore.

580 HP, all-wheel drive, and a slope – you have me busy for one more night. The dream of a would-be racing driver come true.

Vehicle registration certificate


S1 EKS RX quattro

Four-Cylinder Turbo

six-speed sequential gearbox

All-wheel drive

2,000 CC

579 HP (426 kW)

700 Nm

From 0 to 100:
2.5 s

Maximum speed:
210 km/h

1,300 kg

3975/1840/1417 mm

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