Opel is suing the Minister of transport Scheuer

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Opel is fighting against Minister of transport Scheuer: In a rush, the car manufacturer is suing the call-backs ordered by the Federal motor transport authority due to exhaust tampering with several diesel models.

The Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) wants to force the corporations to pay for the retrofitting of nitrogen oxide catalysts for diesel vehicles. A company that has refused, right after the diesel compromise of the Federal government at the beginning of October, however, is Opel. You will not be retrofitted, announced the russelsheimer in the Morning after the agreement to the Federal Chancellery.

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In his political Distress, Scheuer muscles showed: He ordered the official recall of 92,000 Opel diesel cars in the models Insignia, Cascada and Zafira, and with instant execution. However, the car maker, now owned by the French PSA group, will not take the attack by the CSU’s.


Andreas Scheuer (CSU)

Opel is fighting against the mandatory recall. The company worked at the Schleswig-Holstein administrative court in a summary proceedings. Opel wants to prevent, first, that the mid-October, the Federal motor transport authority (KBA) is arranged a callback has to be applied immediately.

The manufacturer denies the allegations

On demand, the automaker confirmed that he had lodged an appeal against the decision of the KBA. To escape the recall, and will also continue the so-called voluntary service action: 9,000 vehicles do not have the Software Update to get, the technicians here play.

The transport authorities had accused of Opel, diesel, models, model years 2013 to 2016, improper shutdown facilities to be installed. A part of these manipulations of the MIRROR, the ARD-magazine “Monitor” and the German environmental discovered help (MIRROR 20/2016). The Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office had carried out in mid-October, a RAID on the Opel.

The manufacturer denies the allegations. A judgment in the dispute between the Opel and the transportation authorities shall be made no later than the beginning of December, informed the court in Schleswig.

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