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A historic car race on the sea? For Motorsport fans a dream. Last weekend, more than 10,000 classic car lovers met on the beach of the Romans, and met there a green Monster.


Tom Grünweg

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Tom Grünweg

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Monday, 03.09.2018
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Soeren is wearing the Beard up to his massive belly, the large head brings the much to small helmet almost to bursting. He looks highly focused and friendly. Nervous, he plays with the hand throttle of his rusty Indian, the legendary motorcycle from the USA.

As the woman swings in a white jumpsuit at last the starter’s flag, he makes the clutch click. The engine revved, the exhaust smokes, the Sand is sprayed. Soeren’s just staring at the finish line, an eighth of a mile to the beach from ROM down, which he must reach before his opponent next to him.

What looks like earnestness, is actually great fun. Soeren is one of over 100 petrol heads, who met last weekend to the Romans Motor Festival on the wide beach of the Danish North sea island. In front of over 10,000 to watch Motorsport enthusiasts, there is even the Tradition of Beach racing revival, which began 99 years ago on the neighboring island of Fanö. “The fastest people in the world have met,” recalls Steffan Skov, the call here are all the only “Staf”. Together with half a dozen mates, he has organized the Festival for the third Time.

The Sand was harder and firmer than any gravel road

Long before the privateers, daredevil, and professional race car drivers in the USA drove on the beach of Daytona, or on the salt lakes of Bonneville to the bet, they were from 1919, with their cars on the Danish coast, on a record hunt. Paved race tracks by then. The Sand was harder and firmer than any gravel road, says Staf. Well over 200 km/h have managed to make the racer even back then. The fun ended in the year 1924. The former world record-holder Sir Malcolm lost at over 200 km/h a wheel of the legendary Bluebird, and was killed in the accident. This was to prepare for the authorities of the Moment, the wild put an end to.

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Romans Motor Festival:
Beach party for the nostalgic

94 years later, and 20 kilometres further in the South you are now on the road again. Where else is the Beach sailing and kite-surfers romping over the Sand, the roar of the V8 engines, it smells of hot Oil, soot and poorly burnt Fuel. Misfires on terror with a loud Pop the audience. “Unlike then, we, however, travel much slower, it is all about the Show and the fun,” says Staf. The race track, the so-called Dragstrip, after all, is just an eighth of a mile long. And no matter how strong the Harleys and Indians, the Fords, Buicks and Chevrolets are also a lot more than 70, 80, in the best case 100 km/h no.

In the Parking lots even more rear fins are placed and Hotrods in the pits and who wants to be in the inner area of the Renngeländes, the need to wear a modern costume. So, the Festival becomes a gigantic time machine, the 10,000 visitors back several decades official in the world of Hillbilly, Rock’n’Roll and Petticoat.

Like a plane, he needs a lot of start-up

The Scandinavians are on Hot Rods, has a simple reason for this: The Model A Ford, something like the mother of all Hot Rods, was built after the Model T from 1927, in Copenhagen, and was for most Danes, Swedes and Norwegians, the first car you saw, explained to Staf: “As the Foundation for a love of American cars is or has been, and continues to do today.”

The rules for the participants that want to race track to the Drag, are strictly. The cars and motorcycles that have been built before the war, and all the Tuning parts in 1947, or earlier, explained to Staf. Two candidates run against each other, and compete as often as you want. Throughout the day, your average speed, and in the evening, a winner for motorcycle and car chosen.

The vast majority of cars are small Ford with a souped-up V8 engines, quirky self-built and Rennzigarren. However, the most impressive machine comes from Germany and was an American fire truck. On which the owner has an aircraft engine with a 27-Liter engine is screwed, from the first Acceleration to the beach quake. Although the journey of this silver bomber is impressive, but with a Chance of winning, he has not. Because just like a plane, he needs a lot of start-up, until he is on Speed. On the old race track in Fanö, he might be unbeatable, but on the eighth mile of the Romans, it is sufficient only for Show and not for the win.

The 260 HP car is ready to drive

Even in the case of the Show must give the car struck. The Star of the festival is the “Green Monster” Opel – the Original race car with a 12.3-Liter four-cylinder is set to the factory driver Carl Jörns, 1922, in Fanö, with 228 km/h a new record. However, the 260 PS-car is not driving, when Training in the days before the largest ever in Opel-cast engine has swallowed so much Sand that the factory mechanic Jens Cooper could not bring him to the Mat.

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