Pebble Beach in 2018 : the 5 novelties not to be missed

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The Pininfarina OTP could be one of the cars the most amazing of this edition of the contest of elegance of Pebble Beach.

This Friday, August 24, will start the festivities in connection with the contest of elegance of Pebble Beach. Check out the new features and concepts the most expected from this edition 2018.

Year after year, the contest of elegance of Pebble Beach becomes a event more and more vital for the premium brands and exceptional. As its name indicates, it was essentially a contest of elegance, intended for vehicles of collection. Then, little by little, the builders are grafted to the rejoicings, in order to take advantage of the growing reputation of the event and the visibility it offers.

For this edition 2018, the new features presented should be sufficiently numerous, and many brands have already announced their coming, with lots of teasers. Here are the five cars not to be missed, which will be revealed in detail in the next few days.


Bugatti Divo

After unveiling his Chiron Sports at Geneva in the month of march, Bugatti creates the event by announcing the Divo. The latter is heralded as the most radical and the most successful in the history of the firm of Molsheim, but especially promises unprecedented agility., with a very strong taste for curves of any kind. The aesthetics of the self, it could be closer to the concept Vision GranTurismo 2015, with aerodynamic appendages quite marked.



Rather than wait until the World of Paris in October, BMW has preferred to Pebble Beach to unveil the long-awaited third generation of its Z4 roadster. Developed in collaboration with Toyota, it will revert to the traditional soft top, when the former model introduced a hard-top. Under the hood, a six-cylinder turbo is expected for the version M40i, which is expected to develop at least 360 hp.


Mercedes concept

Mercedes has remained quite mysterious as the concept which will be unveiled at Pebble Beach this weekend. All we know is that it will draw on the aesthetics of the silver arrows, the famous racing cars of the 30s. On the other hand, on the mechanical side, it is quite possible that the car would use electricity.


Audi PB18 e-tron

The concept PB 18 e-tron Audi will be 100% electric and promises to be ” a vision of the sports car of the future “. The teaser leaves us in any case imagine a car very wide and low, which seems even more sleek and aggressive as a R8. Remains to be seen if this concept foreshadows a future supercar electric series.


Pininfarina OTP

One of the biggest surprises of this edition 2018 may well be the hypercar electric presented by Pininfarina. It promises to be one of the cars the best performing market, with a 0 to 100 km/h shot in less than 2 s. Remember that Pininfarina is now a constructor full-fledged, associated with the indian giant Mahindra.

Other surprises will also be presented, such as the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, which has just achieved a new record on the Nürburgring, the Atlas Cross Sport and Tanoak concept of a Volkswagen, or even the concept Prototype 10 Infiniti.


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