Peugeot 208 (2019). Our revelations about the rival of the new Clio

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The new 208 will be the attraction of the stand Peugeot at the Geneva motor show in march 2019. Its commercialization will take place the following fall.

Style is elegant, the latest technologies, i-modernized Cockpit, unique platform and versions fully electric : the new Peugeot 208 will change from the inside out and The argus will reveal to you already all of his secrets (engines, marketing, innovations,…).

For Peugeot as for Renault, the year 2019 is shaping up to be an exceptional vintage. And for good reason, the two manufacturers will renew next year their best sellers, the Clio and 208, respectively number 1 and 2 in sales in France.

Peugeot 208 GT in disguise

Absent from the World of the Self, these two major innovations have checked in their calendar, the date of the Geneva motor show in early march, 2019, to be revealed to the public. However, the game is already launched since our two rivals intersect since this summer on the roads of Andalusia, favorite playground of the engineers, that they travel in camouflage in order to fine-tune their focus.

Revolution outdoor…

Aesthetically, this second generation will mark a break with the tradition of the 206, 207 and 208. The curves of the current model, which are not unanimity on all european markets, will allow for the features tense, that are consistent with the latest creations from the range. Some will see the resemblance, in profile, with the 308. On the other hand, all will agree that the project P21 finds its source of inspiration in the concept of a Fractal of 2015. Nothing more logical, since the two projects were designed in parallel. This is particularly the case for the drawing of the bottom of the front shield, the line in the V on the rear part of the front wing, or the general spirit of the stern.

At the top of the range, the 208 adopts flagship high-tech with three claws LED light. Entry-and mid-range, the 208 receives halogen headlights. Note the two claws are chromed.

The 208 II also adopts the new light signature – a three-claws LED in the optical, which extends downwards to form a hook, – introduced on the 508 and 508 SW and that will characterize the versions of top of the range. Others receive a beacon halogen with claws chrome in the outer part.

The new Peugeot 208 loses her curves for a more dynamic. At the rear, there are lights with three claws, which are connected by a black band.

The chunky look also finds its origin in the specifics of the new platform CMP : pathways extended, door-to-fake shortcuts… as Well as in the template, the length of the 208 passing from 3.96 m to approximately 4,04 m, i.e. that of fire, the Peugeot 306 (4,03 m). The small lioness follows the inflationary trend on this segment of the city more versatile.


… inner evolution

Biggest, 208 II will be more comfortable in the rear seats, although the wheelbase length is not progressing (2.54 m). The cargo volume is expected to exceed 300 l to compete with the Volkswagen Polo, one of its main rivals.

Of course, the famous i-Cockpit (instrumentation height and small wheel) will be renewed but with significant changes. The driver will have an instrumentation 100 % digital (on finishes higher) and a steering wheel dual flat similar to those of the 3008. The architecture of the central console is also changing : the touch screen is located above and facing the driver, and it benefits from direct access keys in the form of a Toggle switch. Features views of the concept of Fractal.


Unique platform 208 opens at Peugeot the technical basis for CMP

Inaugurated by the DS3 Crossback, the platform CMP will also serve as the base to the 208 at Peugeot, then the Corsa at Opel. Compared to the old PF1, it has been lightened to about 30 kg thanks to the use of aluminum and composite materials. Side engines, the palette essence will include the 3-cylinder 1.2 PureTech 68 and 82 hp, and the variations turbocompressées of 100 and 130 hp, which will be topped by a new version of 155 hp. In diesel, it is the recent 1.5 BlueHDi 100 and 130 hp, which officiera. As for the transmissions, the catalog will have manual transmissions as well as the boxes auto-EAT8. In addition to the electric model, a version with a mild hybrid 48V, equipped with a double clutch 7 speed, is expected on the horizon 2022 on the alternatives to gasoline.


Imt electric Platform electric e-CMP

In addition to the versions thermal, the 208 will end in 2019, an electric version in the catalog. It will be equipped with a motor of 136 hp and a battery of 50 kWh for an autonomy of 300 km on the new cycle WLTP. As to the livery GTi, the draft version 1.6 PureTech 225 ch has been abandoned in favour of an electric version confirmed by Peugeot (current-2020).

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Conduct semi-autonomous

Driving system, semi-autonomous

The 208 will also share, with the DS3 Crossback, some innovations to the image of the automatically unlocking doors, opening and starting the vehicle by smartphone or the parking assistance automatically manages the operation. In terms of security, it may establish the automatic braking emergency Active Safety Brake, which detects with a camera the pedestrians and the cyclists, day or night. The 208 will also be on the way to autonomous control with Traffic Jam Assist , which manages the trajectory of the vehicle in the pathway and regulates its speed until the stop (on the versions with automatic transmission).


Manufacturing outside of France

Currently produced in Poissy (78), for the liveries of top of the range, and Trnava in Slovakia, for the versions of the entry-level range, the new 208 will be primarily manufactured in the East, while the new PSA plant in Kenitra in Morocco will take care of the basic models. On the way, one would have almost forgotten to mention that the new version will not have a declination three-door. Its marketing will begin in the fall of 2019 with the engines thermal.



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