Peugeot 508 china : long version without power liftgate, and full of mysteries

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The Peugeot 508 which will be marketed in China of the front wings different from the one that is sold in Europe.

As for the current generation, the new Peugeot 508 will also be manufactured and marketed in China. But this second version will be radically different from the european version. Here’s what will distinguish them !

The Peugeot 508, the second generation upsets the codes of the family sedan conventional. Its roof line is lowered by 6 cm, through doors with no frame, its template shortcut and the presence of a hatch that gives it the profile says “fastback” revolutionize the genre.

The new Peugeot 508 for Europe a patterned flank is very different.

So much upheaval hardly compatible with the tastes, the more traditional of the chinese customers.

This is why the Peugeot 508 , which will be marketed on the chinese market will be very different from the one that just came out the dealership with us.


A long-508 4-doors in China The Peugeot 508 china is longer than the one sold in Europe. It has no tailgate, but a suitcase trunk classic.

Beyond the wheelbase increased, in order to house comfortably the passengers in the rear, the Peugeot 508 chinese is also distinguished by its trunk chest classic. It is therefore in China a sedan with 4 doors.

Finally, it stands out for its roof top tied to the doors with a frame. To the opening side of the 508 “european” Peugeot has used a oem German specialist models premium. This development is too costly and contrary to the specifications of the 508 ” chinese “.

The brands premium offering in China of the longer version : Audi A4 L, BMW 3-Series LWB and Mercedes C Class extended… Peugeot, he does not wish to simply stretch the 508. The brand has its reasons, they are perfectly justified.


Fire classic to protect those more sophisticated… No lights translucent for the Peugeot 508 chinese, to protect the patents filed in Europe.

Another element that is perhaps the detail for you, but that the PSA could cost him a lot … the rear lights.

The Peugeot 508, marketed in us has on its top versions of the range, optics providing a transparency between the modules.

In other words, when one looks at the self of the three-quarter back, we can see the three elements of every fire, there is no break. This gives an effect of depth. Peugeot employs a specific technology of laser welding and would like to keep the secrets of the trade.

The lights of the Peugeot 508 european, three-dimensional, and separated by pieces translucent.

Moreover, it is to absorb this heavy investment, as the 508 sedan and the station wagon 508 SW share the same optics and rear strip.

In China, where the concept of ownership is all relative – the many counterfeit auto show- , a patent filed is easily circumvented. PSA does not want to bate some lights on high-tech and, for this reason, will the Peugeot 508’s chinese lights more ” flat “.

Peugeot 508 chinese, the twin technique of the future DS8

When we observe the photos of this Peugeot 508 china, we note a modelled front wing which is not without recalling that of the SUV DS7 Crossback. Why Peugeot would she have an air of family with a DS ?

The reason is simple. The 508 chinese will share its technical base and the maximum of possible elements with thea future sedan statutory DS8 who, like her, will be manufactured exclusively in China. The DS8 which will be sold in Europe starting in the spring of 2020 will therefore be imported.

Seen from Europe, it can be confusing to witness such a mutualisation between Peugeot and DS for the development of a model. In China, it is more common : do you remember the Citroën C6 is ” 2 ” which is nothing other than a Dongfeng Violent A9 slightly redesigned. This strategy obviously allows to amortize in a maximum of the cost of development.

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