Peugeot 7008 (2024). A big SUV cut in preparation

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In 2011, Peugeot unveiled a concept of a large SUV with a distinctive cut, the SXC. Seven years later, the builder board again on the subject. This possible 7008 is currently known under the code name P94.

Building on the success of its SUV, the 2008, 3008 and 5008, Peugeot has re-launched this year the project of a fourth SUV in the range. Known under the code name P94, this vehicle will take the form of a cut in the horizon 2024, and will also serve as the basis for a great SUV at DS.

The project of a large SUV does not date from yesterday at Peugeot. In 2011, the manufacturer had presented at the salon of Shanghai, the concept of SXC. A SUV top of the range 4.87 m, which had the allure of a coupe. On the brink of bankruptcy, the PSA group has logically put the vehicle in sleep without totally forget about it. Indeed, by 2015, the topic is back on the mat, in particular to expand the DS range.


Problem platform

Except that at the time, the platform EMP2, and its wheelbase maximum of 2.84 m (on the Citroën C4 Space Tourer) was too short. The French group has surveyed a few manufacturers for a possible technical partnership including Volvo. The cost killed the project in the bud. At the time, Christian Chapel (former boss of the development of drivelines) mentioned the possibility of an internal solution. Which was no other than the base EMP2 elongated for the Citroën Space Tourer and Peugeot Traveller with a wheelbase varies from 2.93-3.28 m. the Other problem, a four-wheel drive is a must on this type of vehicle. This is no longer a concern with the architecture Hybrid4 300 hp, or 100 % power with a second engine in the rear.

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100 % electric

The technical barriers have disappeared, the Peugeot board since this year on the project of a large SUV. It is, therefore, hazardous to venture, to present a visual of this vehicle. According to our information, it will be a coupé-way BMW X6 or Mercedes GLE coupe, which corresponds well to the DNA of the brand.

With the concept SXC, Peugeot laid the groundwork for a future large SUV in the range.

This project P94 is part of the program of renewal of the 3008 and 5008, the hens with golden eggs from Peugeot. Since these are scheduled for 2023, the 7008 in question is expected to land in showrooms current 2024. In order to meet the reduction in CO2 emissions, which is decided by Europe (approximately 60 g/km in 2025), and the wishes of the chinese market, the Peugeot will be available in a version that is 100 % electric (motors Nidec and battery the strong battery of new generation). A diesel version 2.0 BlueHDi and plug-in hybrid are not excluded. Of course, this specification of departure can still evolve.


A cousin with DS

DS, the premium brand of PSA group, will develop as a vehicle (DS8 Crossback ?) on that basis chapeautera the DS7 Crossback in the range. In addition to China, these two big SUV will be used for the ambition of the PSA group to return to North America. If for the time being, advance cautiously with the launch of its car-sharing service of Free2Move, the purpose is to bring to market vehicles tailored to local tastes. That is to say, instead of the SUV of great size !

A vehicle (100 % electric) on which DS has already worked in the framework of a project (Arion Automotive Technology), which brings together the Québec city, Exagon and PSA, which launched in 2016. The first was funding the manufacturing plant, the second developing electrical components and the third was studying in an SUV. Beginning in 2018, Québec has put an end to this industrial adventure for financial reasons.


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