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The Peugeot e-Legend-reminds you of an old model ? Normal : it address several winks to the 504 Coupe, released between 1969 and 1983 in France.

Electric cars, autonomous and passionate about, rarely lovers of the automobile, and yet : with its lines evoking the illustrious 504 Coupe, the technological concept Peugeot e-Legend-focuses the audience on the stand Peugeot. The new 508 SW, the jealous, almost !

The logic was respected : six months after the revelation of the 508 sedan at the Geneva motor show, Peugeot was present in Paris its declination station wagon, the 508 SW. This was without counting on the presence of the Peugeot e-Legend which, despite its status as a concept car not intended for production use, attracts more of the public that the break in family-marketed as early as January 2019…

The amounts very for participating in the elegance of the concept Peugeot e-Legend. But could not resist the stringent standards of crash-test contemporary…

We had already detailed in a first-(see our full article and our video), but let’s face it, it’s hard to resist the temptation to approach new Peugeot e-Legend : the long flat hood, optical, piercing, amounts of very fine, bezel, flush mount, rear lights, in three parts, the references to the 504 Coupe was born in 1969 are many and nicely upgraded.

Good news, this style marked not dark not in the cartoon : the length tip to 4.65 m (10 cm less than a 508 SW), the wheels, at 19 inches, while the rear view mirrors of “cameras” (Audi e-tron) and the logo backlit (Mercedes) are already registered on some of the cars series.


A car loud of 462 ch…

The cabin, itself, continues to winks neo-retro (velvet turquoise for seats in “socks” and the carpeted floor, wood paneling, touches of brass), but don’t forget to look to the future : the dashboard boils down to a sound bar, and, in the mode of autonomous control, the steering wheel retracts to reveal a screen… 49 inches. But driving enthusiasts shouldn’t be afraid : the Peugeot e-Legend-could also make the powder speak.

Velvet, wood, brass, the interior was intended to be warm on this concept before any technological level : in mode of autonomous control, steering wheel clears and clears a screen of 49 inches.

Its two electric motors develop 462 hp in concert, allow it to go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 s, while its battery of 100 kWh, rechargeable in 25 minutes on the fast charge door its autonomy up to 600 km cycle WLTP. Too good to be true ? Without a doubt. At least will there be dreamed about a few moments : despite the tv ad in which she is the heroine, and the petition that is circulating on the Web to claim its put into production, the Peugeot e-Legend should remain as a concept…


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