Peugeot e-Legend vs Nissan Idx : the return of the cut of the 70s ?

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The concept cars Peugeot e-Legend (to the right) and the Nissan Idx (left) are returned to the registry for formal coupes of the 1970s.

On the stand Peugeot at the World Auto 2018, the spotlight will be shone on the concept car e-Legend, a subtle homage to the cut 504 of the 70’s. An approach to the edge of the retro-design that is reminiscent of the one that presided to the design of the coupe Nissan Idx 2013…

Peugeot will make a sensation in the World of Self-2018 with the concept car e-Legend. This coupe 100 % electric an homage to the coupe Peugeot 504, a true showcase top of the range brand, which was marketed from the late 60s until the early 80s. This heir contemporary evokes subtly his great grandfather, without paying unnecessarily in retro-design.

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e-Legend : the stylish ! The lines of the coupe electric Peugeot e-Legend are very elegant.

In profile, the purposes and amounts of the flag, the long hood, the shoulder at the level of the rear wings and grille angled to ensure a clear parallel between the 504 coupé and the e-Legend.

The family resemblance between the concept car e-Legend and the 504 Coupe is obvious.

This last has, however, brought modernity with its wheel arches in the ” negative “, his hood melodies, and its windshield faceted. The modeling of the ends has no connection, apart from an evocation of the optical, while the rocker is very aggressive reveal the batteries, equipment not available to the 504 Coupe.


Nissan Idx : double blow in The first plan, the Idx Nismo, on the second plan, the Idx Flow.

At the Tokyo motor show in November 2013, Nissan unveiled the concept of Idx. A small sports coupe inspired by the Nissan Skyline PGC 10, marketed from 1969 to 1972. The japanese brand made a double hit with, on the one hand, theIdx Freeflow, the civil version and, on the other hand, theIdx Nismo, the one with the war paint and look even more sharp.


The Idx Nismo Idx Flow

The first is powered by a gasoline engine, 1.2 to 115 hp from the Nissan Qashqai, the second opts for a 1.6 turbo 200 hp, borrowed from the Nissan Juke. We talk of inspiration and not copied, because the floating pavilion and the cutting of the doors and arrow-shaped are more of the Twenty-first century than in the 70’s.

Many similarities Nissan Idx Flow concept (2013)

The parallel formal between the Peugeot e-Legend and the Nissan Idx is manifest, in particular for the treatment of the bow with lights double optic and the muzzle in the nose of the shark.

At the rear, the French concept and its japanese counterpart are betting both on fire with three ” claws “. Finally, the lower shields, chin-soled shoe, brings once more the e-Legend, and the Idx.

Peugeot e-Legend Nissan Idx Flow

Another common point, the blue tack to the edge of the Peugeot e-Legend and Nissan Idx Flow…


Industrialization, it is not ! The Peugeot 508 Coupe is not in the product plan for the brand … damage.

In the end, the one as the other will remain at the prototype status of the show. Even if the public’s enthusiasm is not a negligible factor, the industrialization, however, is not considered. A coupé derivative of the new Peugeot 508 would certainly look great, not have carried out “virtually” this year…

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But it won’t happen in the end, because the profitability would not be at the appointment. And this, even if the modular platform EMP2, that share the concept car e-Legend and the Peugeot 508 series, allows the electrification…

Same way with Nissan, not to cut a popular program. The manufacturer offers nevertheless the legendary GT-R, which is the exception to the rule, is that today, the market of coupé top of the range remains the preserve of the builders premium.

Evidenced by the arrival of Volvo, or rather, Polestar, which revisits the genre with his electric model Polestar 1.


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