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Cool Trucks known in Germany only from Hollywood movies. In this country, driving on highway and country road only flat noses, in the jargon of the front arm. Long-nosed as in the USA, there is not practical. To blame a single man.



By Christoph Stockburger

Christoph Stockburger

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    Friday, 14.09.2012
    11:22 PM

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    German Trucks? A reason to emigrate! Anyway, you felt as a young TV viewers. In comparison to the trucks rolling in Hollywood movies, and Action series on the Highways, had a positive impact on the local models are terribly uncool. There guys at the wheel, and the rum wore their hats incorrectly (Sylvester Stallone, “”Over the Top “sat”), here are guys with bald head (Manfred Krug, “On axis”). Our vehicles looked like against the wall dangers from America were colorful works of art. We had the Truck. The Trucks had.

    It looked in the beginning as well. By the end of the fifties, namely a Truck with up to two meters long motor were also in Germany, mainly covers on-the-go. But then, Hans-Christoph Seebohm came and exterminated the long-nosed.

    The transport Minister of the Adenauer government issued a regulation, after the Truck is only 14 meters long and 24 tons were allowed to weigh-in. A drastic reduction in the truest sense of the word, Until a maximum of 20 meters and a weight of 40 tons.

    Better than the Federal railroad

    The burden of its own success, fell wagons for the victims. After the war, they had become technically more and more sophisticated – and did so as a means of transportation, especially the Federal railroad competition. Many goods were with the trucks in a faster, and direct to your destination, as on the Rail. The seebohm laws weakened the efficiency of the truck and created indirectly a competitive advantage for the state operation of the railway.

    Two and a half meters in length and eight tons in weight, the transport Minister, after strong protests from the business community, although still off. Anyway: More cargo volume, there is only against savings elsewhere.

    And thus the end of the so-called long-Hauber was sealed, it was the triumph of the front handlebars started: In this type of engine is sitting under the driver’s cab. What is omitted from the front, appears in the rear, in the Form of several cubic meters of transportation area.

    A tilt

    The truck drivers, the Innovation-averse. You not only cared for her safety – with the lack of a hood, you were deprived of any crumple zone, but grief also, their service vehicles had less Similarity with normal cars. Not to mention the heat and noise of the engine common directly under your butt. And the mechanics are aligned on breakneck repair work, because the drives were only accessible by means of Flaps and doors.

    But the front handlebars. In the seventies, the tilting cab was gone into series production, the entire Cab was now folded away and released the engine. And the drivers had learned to appreciate the advantages of the flat noses. Because without the hood in the Truck were not only clearer, but also more maneuverable.

    Meanwhile the Truck may be a maximum of 18.75 metres in length and 40 tons in weight. The great advantages of the Front driver’s – larger load volumes and better Handling – omitted in Europe, no company drove more.

    The great freedom of the Trucker

    “Bonneted have disappeared in Germany, from transportation for a long time”, says Jörg Zürn, head of development at the Truck division of Daimler. The company is considered to be the world market leader for truck beyond the six tons. The hood of vehicles, numbers play still an important role in the sales, is mainly due to the market in the United States.

    Because in America for long-haul routes to be used are still only bonneted. The reason is that While there is here – in each of the U.S. States different length and weight requirements. But only for the trailer and the axle load of the tractor is not included and therefore not subject to Maßbeschränkung.

    This freedom brings the American long-distance drivers, your “Home on Wheels”: cabins, which are equipped like small apartments. In the part of week-long trips, and a generous space is also necessary. For the Trucker in the USA front handlebars do not come therefore out of the question, says Jörg Zürn: “The would then have to forgo a lot of comfort and the large living room and also clean up, if you wanted to tilt the cabin.”

    In Germany, there is a certain longing for the long, still seems to bonnets Mr – otherwise you wouldn’t be as Show-Trucks and promotional vehicles so popular. Hans-Christoph Seebohm would need to know, as he durchboxte his laws – the MIRROR described at the end of the sixties, the violent protests this way: “at that time it was the Minister of transport common to appear in its official appearances at secret paths and back doors.”

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