Police shut a woman with a fear of heights over the köhlbrandbrücke

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The köhlbrand bridge is one of the landmarks of Hamburg and 53 meters above the Elbe river pretty high. A car driver got it there with the afraid to do and called the police.

The Hamburg police has stopped a woman who drove her car in reverse. The car, an Opel with a Dutch license plate, was stopped by the officials at the entrance to köhlbrand bridge. The road over an Arm of the Süderelbe is 135 meters and a distance to water of 53 metres, is not only impressively high, but with close to 3620 meters, the second-longest road bridge in Germany.

For the rider from the Netherlands that was apparently too much of a Good thing. According to the police report, you have the officials on English credibly assure that you have a strong fear of heights and therefore do not trust, over the bridge. Your fellow travelers daughter was still too young to accept the journey.

So that the woman could continue their journey in the Netherlands Fort, taken by an official in an unusual step, and just hand yourself behind the wheel have been clamped, – stated in the report of the Hamburg police. During the Crossing, the driver at the side of the eyes to hold, you “looked terrified and lost, apparently, in your face color”, – stated in the Protocol.

After Crossing the Elbe river to have the woman several times at her helpers, and the travel in the Netherlands continued thanks.


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