Police stop SUV with electric license plate cover

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To avoid “unpleasant images” of the police, has assembled a SUV driver, a movie-license plate cover on his car. But now the would-be-displayed-the James Bond of the officials.

There’s probably one too many -James Bond has watched films: an electrical device, the motorist will be in Bavaria at the push of a button hides the indicator has made the statement, however, without the police. On Tuesday a strip of the crew had noticed the car on the highway 9 near the upper Franconian town of Bindlach, a terrain, in which no front license plate.

The officers stopped the car, in the subsequent control of the reason to the fore: The 54-year-old rider from Baden came-W├╝rttemberg had run a license plate bracket with a kind of electric blind. This was operated with a remote control from Inside the car, the license plate from Baden-Baden to cover.

Tuesday afternoon on the #A9. In the case of a control colleague, the traffic police found an X5 with a blind in front of the plate, which could be closed by remote control.
To recommend = #flag-abuse
Press release: https://t.co/0RTwS1zCYI pic.twitter.com/QQvxc6npRn

Police Upper Franconia (@PolizeiOFR) 29. August 2018

The driver admitted that he “wanted to handle unpleasant images” of the police. He was displayed because of flag abuse. The police installed the device on the spot, and now checks whether the driver has committed to while driving, other traffic violations.


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