Porsche 911 (2019) : always a flat-six atmo to the 911 GT3 ?

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The new 911 GT3 type 992 is already being prepared on the Nurburgring. And she sings as well as his predecessor !

Although the new generation of Porsche 911 has not yet been unveiled, his radical version GT3 seems to be already in preparation. And his first howls suggest that it would be always a flat-six air !

On 30 November, the eighth generation of the iconic Porsche 911, we will be presented at the salon of Los Angeles. As is already the case on the current model, the versions Carrera and Carrera S that we should discover first will be equipped with engine flat-six turbocharged. For reasons of consumption and of polluting emissions, the blocks air does actually have more right to the city in the 911 ” standard “.

It could be, however, that, for their part, the variants more radical GT3 and GT3 RS will retain this new generation of their noble block in the air. In fact, as we can see in the video below, a prototype has already been surprised by a full trial on the north loop of the Nürburgring. And if the big spoiler, which leaves almost no doubt about its nature, the divine vocalizations that we can hear lead us to suggest that the GT3 still resists to the call of the turbos.

The engine employed by this new GT3 could therefore be an evolution of the flat-six 4.0 as we already know, with a power that should probably exceed the 500 hp of the current model and closer to 520 hp of the GT3 RS. The performance would be logically improved, with a 0 to 100 km/h less than 3.4 s.


With a rear spoiler active ?

Beyond the mechanical and performance, it would also seem that the aerodynamic efficiency of the car is optimized, including a new rear spoiler active. The shape of this spoiler is actually very different from that found on the current models and it is not impossible that Porsche takes advantage of some of the research of Lamborghini on the subject.

It could be that this new 911 GT3 adopts a rear spoiler active. This would be a first on this model…

The Italian brand, which is also part of the Volkswagen group, had created the surprise early 2017 with his system ALA, which had in particular enabled the Huracan Performance to beat a new record on the North loop.

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