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The australian driver Mark Webber has already taken in hand the new Porsche 911.

[Update the 27/11/18] After the leak of the first images of the new 911, Porsche unveils an official video of the Type 992 which will be unveiled at the salon of Los Angeles on November 27. The australian driver Mark Webber has ever been able to take the wheel.

[Update the 27/11/18] After months of waiting, the eighth-generation Porsche 911 will be finally unveiled to the public on Tuesday, November 27 at 20h (on 28 November at 05: 30 in France), for the opening of the exhibition of Los Angeles. In spite of everything, it seems that the firm Zuffenhausen has not managed to preserve image leaks and we can today admire the first official photos of the new generation, called the 992.

Here’s the first official image of the new Porsche 911.

And although they are of a quality very average, they allow to distinguish the few cosmetic changes on this new model compared to the former. Because, as for each change of generation, this model 992 changes only very little, compared to the previous. At the rear, we especially note the strip of light that connects the taillamps and on which is printed the brand name in letters in silver. This headband seems to be now present on all versions , and only on the 911 all-wheel-drive.


The cosmetic changes are very limited

We also note that the third brake light now sits at the center of the ventilation grille of the engine cover, while the tailpipes are surrounded by a large black part on the lower part of the shield. At the front, the changes are much less obvious and it is especially the bottom of the shield that seems to have changed, with ventilation grids must be more broad and straight.

The most visible changes are on the back part.


On the technical plan, the flat-six 3.0 turbo versions Carrera and Carrera S should see their power increase, with close to 450 hp for the Carrera S. If the mechanical gearbox to seven reports will always be available, a new transmission PDK eight reports derived from that of the Panamera, will also be proposed. Finally, the 911 will get a hybrid version. A first for this sporty mythical !

Check out the presentation of the 911 live :


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