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Not a single model, the VW subsidiary was more than legal: the first German car manufacturer Porsche developed in the future, not Diesel. The focus should be on petrol engines, hybrids and electric cars.

The Stuttgart-based sports car maker, Porsche is the first German car company from the Diesel. “Porsche, there will be in the future, no Diesel anymore,” said Porsche CEO Oliver Blume in an Interview with the “Bild am Sonntag” (BamS). Porsche wanted to focus in future on what it could particularly well: “The emotional, powerful gasoline, Hybrid, and from 2019 it will be pure electric vehicles.”

The retreat is a response to the diesel crisis. “We have never developed diesel engines and produced,” said flower, according to the paper. “Nevertheless, the Image of Porsche suffered. The diesel crisis has caused us a lot of Trouble.”

Porsche was in the diesel affair by research on the MIRROR in the summer of last year. Meanwhile, it is known that there is not a single legal diesel model of Porsche. The company had stopped a few months ago the sale of all diesel models.


Diesel affair
All the Porsches were manipulated – recall for the Panamera

As a further reason for the exit flower is called the sharpening of the sporty Brand essence. “For us, it is important that motors can be sporty to drive,” he said. “A gasoline can be interpreted very differently. Porsche will be in the future, even more Porsche than in the past. High on performance and efficiency trimmed. The Diesel aims to other driving characteristics.”

His previous diesel customers want to take care of the group. “Holder of Porsche-Diesel to make vehicles for the Service, no Worries,” said flower. Porsche has almost ten years of Diesel vehicles.

Porsche have tampered with the engines for better Sound

Porsche should have done after BamS-information manipulation engines. With “emotional function” has been improved, the engine sound on the road, it is said according to the paper. The function was put to the test is not active.

“In the case of the 8-cylinder Cayenne EU5 engine load control by the motor transport was classified as Federal Agency as not in compliance with the law,” said flower. In all vehicles, there are different speed levels, the speed and thus the Sound affect.

“In the case of this topic, you must separate carefully between emotional Sound and exhaust issues,” said flower. It is a matter of oxides of nitrogen and not CO2. “We, of course, this topic.” Be affected to 13,500 Diesel vehicles.


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