Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo : the break SUV electric will be produced

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The break “SUV” electric Porsche E Cross Turismo will join the catalog of the mark in 2021.

The concept car E Cross Turismo, unveiled in march 2018, at the Geneva motor show, will be joining well and well the Porsche range.

While the petition calling for the series production of the concept car Peugeot e-Legend comes nearer to 50 000 signatories on the 500,000 expected, Porsche formalizes the future commercialization of the prototype Mission E Cross Turismo.

This concept car, which has been the surprise of the Geneva motor show 2018, in march last, will be beautiful and well developed. It’s official, since the information comes directly from Porsche.

No need to petition for this wagon is the adventurer of the Porsche Taycan, the electric hatchback, which will arrive on the market in 2019.

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This information is not really a surprise in itself. We were at the press conference of Porsche, in Geneva, at the precise moment where the manufacturer has lifted the veil on the concept car E Cross Turismo. Interviewed then, the design director of Porsche, stated, at the time, that no exercise of style was free and that, sooner or later, this prototype would be joining the range.


Three hundred jobs created for the manufacture

For now, Porsche does not provide date (this should be on the horizon 2021), but clarifies that this model will create 300 additional jobs in thefactory in Zuffenhausen. These will be in addition to the 1 200 necessary for the manufacture, on the same industrial site of the future Porsche Taycan, 2019.


For the record, the Porsche Taycan and, therefore, its future derivative wagon “allroad” will be built on a electrical architecture 800 V providing a recharge ultra-fast. Count four minutes to have an autonomy of 100 km. The radius of action is 500 km, according to NEDC cycle and the cumulative power of its two motors for a total of $ 600 ch. The sedan Taycan will have an equivalent at Audi in the form of the future e-tron GT.

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This last will it also be derived in a wagon adventurer ? One can only imagine very well an Audi e-tron allroad. It would be legitimate for the inventor of the genre as early as 1999…


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