Porsche must first take rigged Diesel

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A disappointed driver had complained – and now Porsche needs to take a modified diesel car back and to pay damages. The VW-daughter does not want to accept.

For the first time a court in Germany has sentenced the sports car manufacturer Porsche, a modified diesel car of the customer to withdraw and to pay damages. To this judgment, the regional court of Stuttgart arrived. Porsche intends to appeal against the judgment.

In this specific case, it comes to a Porsche Cayenne Diesel with Euro 6 six-cylinder engine and a power of 262 HP. The applicant had requested, according to a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that Porsche should take back your car (built in 2014) for a refund of the purchase price minus a reasonable compensation for Use.

The car driver should get 59.000 Euro, plus interest

The Stuttgart judge the woman. Porsche have fitted an impermissible switch-off device in the vehicle, and thus, immoral traded. For the car owner had passed, therefore, the danger that the force travel Federal office ordered the closure of the vehicle. This results in a claim for damages, since it must be assumed that the plaintiff would not have purchased the vehicle if they had known of it may be inferred, according to the court.

Now Porsche will take the vehicle back and the driver will refund approximately 59,000 Euro, and interest in the amount of five per cent. That’s the equivalent of the purchase price of the Porsche Cayenne, less a usage compensation for the use of the car in the past few years.

Porsche fights back

Porsche wants to take action against the court decision legally. “The Porsche AG considers this opinion of the court of Stuttgart, as an error of law”, the company said. Porsche’m assuming its vehicles of the type Cayenne Diesel (EU6) since the fall of 2017, with Software Updates, which eliminated the Problem.

Already in the middle of the year, the force travel Federal office had issued an official recall of two models of the Zuffenhausen-based company is car manufacturer. At the time, almost 60,000 models were affected, including the Cayenne.


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