Price Honda CR-V 2018 : rates and facilities of the SUV with seven-passenger seating

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The release date of the new CR-V is expected in October 2018 for the first versions. The price of the CR-V starts at 29 790 € before malus.

Launched in October 2018, with a unique 1.5 turbo petrol, the new CR-V unveils its range, its price and its equipment : mechanical gearbox or automatic, 4×4 or 4×2, five or seven-seater, there’s something for all tastes… in the meantime the CR-V hybrid expected in February 2019.

At the end of July 2018, the new Honda CR-V se left try in version 1.5, i-VTEC 193 hp coupled to the box to continuous variation. The opportunity to assess the benefits of this new competitor, the Peugeot 5008, Skoda Kodiaq or Nissan X-Trail… without seeing its price, just unveiled.

They evolve and, finally, between 29 € 790 and 44 030 €, very close to the previous CR-V that ranged between 30 320 € and 43 980 €. But the rates of both CR-V remains hardly comparable, both the engine/box/equipment has evolved from one generation to the other.


Engines and transmissions Honda CR-V

Unlike the previous one, the new CR-V does not receive a diesel engine, or automatic transmission to nine reports. In the meantime his hybrid version of a non-rechargeable was introduced in February 2018, he is happy so a 1.5 i-VTEC turbocharged four-cylinder, available in two levels of power : 173 hp with the six-speed manual transmission, or 193 hp, with the box, continuously variable (read our test).

The transmission 4×2 exist in the mechanical box on the top two trim levels (Comfort and Elegance, see below), but the CR-V then requires the transmission integral. And if the CR-V 4×2 and 4×4 CVT will be launched in October 2018, it will have to wait until January 2019 for the participation of the all-wheel drive and the mechanical box.


Finishes and equipment Honda CR-V

The range of 2018 starts with the CR-V Comfort. Despite its status as a version of call, she sailed already standard alloy wheels 17’, active assistance to the maintenance in the track, the automatic emergency braking, intelligent cruise control (which adapts to the speed limits through the recognition panels), heated front seats, aircon and lights automatic, DAB radio 8 HP and Bluetooth connections and USB.

It should, however, use the CR-V Elegance for the enjoyment of the rims 18’, a GPS 7’touch screen(compatible with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay), two USB sockets at the front and rear, parking radars front and rear with reversing camera, and with equipment that is more common, such that the function dual-zone air conditioning, steering wheel and gear knob in leather, and automatic wipers.

“Only the CR-V Executive is compatible with the configuration of seven seats“

The CR-V Executive is then the only one to be able to accommodate the configuration of seven seats (+ 1 700 €). In staffing, it adds the blind spot monitoring and traffic in reverse, the practice key, hands-free, leather upholstery, subwoofer, roof bars, rear windows surteintées, fog lamps, LED lighting, intersection, and other details such as the height adjustment of the passenger seat, the defrosting of the windshield wipers or the mood lighting of the interior.

The ultimate finish, called the CR-V is an Exclusive, fate, logically, the great game : steering wheel and heated rear seats, driver’s seat electric panoramic sunroof, motorised tailgate to be opened hands-free, alloy wheels 19’. But it is not available at seven places, and exceeds the 44 000 €…


Price and malus Honda CR-V 2018 1.5 i-VTEC 173

4×2 BVM
1.5 i-VTEC 173

4×4 BVM
1.5 i-VTEC 193

4×4 CVT
Comfort 29 790 € – – ‘elegance 32 390 € 34 700 € – Executive – 37 820 € 40 530 € Executive 7 seater – 39 520 € 42 230 € Exclusive – – 44 030 € Penalty 1 153 € 2 453 € 3 660 €

The price of the CR-V starts at 29 790 € 1.5 turbo 173 hp BVM 4×2. It is a minimum of 2 500 € more expensive than the competitors… slightly less well-endowed (Nissan X-Trail DIG-T 163 27 200 €) and/or less powerful (Peugeot 5008 PureTech 130 27 200 €, Skoda Kodiaq TSI 150 from 26 050 €).

The CR-V defends itself better in higher version (193 hp CVT 4×4 Executive), as competitors navigate them also around 40 000 € : 40 530 € for the CR-V, 39 against € 300 for a Kodiaq IST 190 4×4 DSG Scout and… 46 660 € minimum for a Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace IST 190 4×4 DSG Carat.

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