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Mercedes has unveiled the price of its A-Class Sedan : 32-850 to 46 400 €. The range consists of two petrol engines and one diesel.

Mercedes unveils the price and the range, still restricted, of its Class A Sedan. The rates vary from 32 850 46 400 € and three trim levels are in the catalog.

Previously referred to as CLA, the small Class Has to trunk now takes the name of Sedan. On the menu : increased length of 13 cm, a safety deposit box more large (420 litre) and 650 € extra compared to the Class A.

The rates start at 32 850 € to a peak of 46 400 €. For the moment, the range is restricted, since are only offered two petrol engines (A 200 136 hp and A 250 4MATIC 224 hp) and a diesel (180d 116 hp). All of these blocks are associated only with the automatic transmission 7G-DCT.

Mercedes A-Class Sedan AMG Line

In terms of trim levels, the Mercedes leaves the choice between Style Line, Progressive Line and AMG Line. The equipment are identical to Class A.

This Class Has a Sedan coming to compete with the Audi A3 Sedan. The latter starts more low 26 870 € (base 30 TFSI 116 hp), but its range is also much wider.

Price Mercedes A-Class Sedan Style Line Progressive Line AMG Line 200 33 550 € 36 750 € 38 400 € A 250 4MATIC – 44 750 € 46 400 € A 180d 32 850 € 36 050 € 37 700 €

Equipment Mercedes A-Class Sedan

Style Line

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Progressive Line

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AMG Line

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Pack equipment

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