Price Renault Talisman (2018) : new engines TCe and 1.7 Blue inn

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For 2019, the Renault Talisman acquires new engines 1.8 Tec 225 in gasoline and 1.7 Blue dCi 150 diesel.

If the Renault Talisman will benefit from a restyling in the year 2019, it reviews its range of engines to comply with Euro standards 6d-Temp. The main novelty is the arrival of the 1.7 Blue dCi 150 diesel.

After the Renault Espace, it is the turn of the sedan Talisman to see its range of drives review, in order to comply with the new pollution standards Euro 6d-Temp. The Talisman endows the same block gasoline 1.8 Tec 225 that the minivan at the top of its range. Replacing the old Tec 200, the latter benefits from a particulate filter and is necessarily associated to a double clutch EDC.

We note, however, the disappearance of the “small” 1.6 Tec 150, even if a few copies should still be available at the dealership. Similarly, the finishing entry-level Life disappears, and the first level available will now be the finishing Zen.

On the side of the diesel engines, the former blocks, 1.5 dCi 110 and 1.6 dCi 130 and 160, disappear to give way to the new 1.7 Blue dCi 150. This one is only available in manual transmission, for the moment.


Rates Renault Talisman

As well, the Talisman now has only a gasoline engine and a diesel engine, but allows on the other hand the choice between four different finishes, Zen, Limited, Bst and Initial Bets. Prices start at 32 300 € for diesel, while the petrol TCe-225 requires a minimum of 37 800 € with the finish of Bst. Finally, we note that with this block Tec 225, the Talisman was given a heavy penalty of 4 890 € (164 g/l of CO2).


Talisman 1.7 Blue dCi 150 1.8 Tec 225 EDC Zen 32 300 € – Limited 32 700 € – Bst 35 100 € 37 800 € Initial Paris – 43 100 €


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