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The DS 3 Crossback is marketed from 23 500 €. It is available in five finishes and five engines different.

Six months before its launch in march 2019, DS announced the pricing and equipment of the DS3 Crossback. Compared to its rival, the Audi Q2, this SUV urban chic and early at lower rates (from 23 500 €). Discover in detail the range of the DS3 Crossback.

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Barely unveiled, the DS is beating the iron while it is still warm by unveiling the prices of its urban SUV premium. Of course, they are significantly higher than those of the DS3 1.2 PureTech 110 EAT6 whose range starts at 20 600 € to Be Chic. But the primary purpose of the DS3 Crossback is to go into the field of SUV urban premium, and in particular that of the Audi Q2. On the financial level, the French won the first round as the German starts from 26 030 € (1.0 TFSI 116) and sail more than 2 500 €.

On the other hand, the Volkswagen T-Roc takes over (from 21 990 €) but it does not follow, or the contents, equipment, or quality of finish.

DS 3 Crossback

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The price of the DS 3 Crossback

euro Chic So Chic Perfo. Line Perfo. Line + Great Chic Essence 1.2 100 23 500 27 100 27 300 30 600 32 800 1.2 130 EAT8 26 500 30 100 30 300 33 600 35 800 1.2 155 EAT8 – 31 600 31 800 35 100 37 300 Diesel 1.5 100 24 500 28 100 28 300 31 600 33 800 1.5 130 EAT8 27 500 31 100 31 300 34 600 36 800


Five engines at launch

Compared to the germans, the DS3 Crossback advance a range of engines more narrow. A block gasoline 1.2 PureTech (100, 130 and 155 hp) and a diesel 1.5 BlueHDi (100 and 130 hp). Will follow in the fall of 2019, the electric version E-Tense of 136 hp. It should be noted that those 130 hp, and more, are obligatorily associated with the transmission auto eight-speed EAT8 (see the technical data sheets page 3).

The other benefit of the six-speed manual transmission. In the absence of an all-wheel-drive, DS offers as an option the system Advanced Traction Control (500 to 1700 €), which further strengthens electronically the motor. Small detail aesthetic, the dual exhaust is reserved for the 1.2 PureTech 155 hp.


DS3 Crossback Chic DS3 Crossback So Chic DS3 Crossback Performance Line DS3 Crossback Great Chic


So Chic at the minimum Range DS3 Crossback

The range is divided into two branches : chic (Chic, So Chic and Great Chic) and Performance Line (Performance Line and Performance Line +). Not to mention the series of launch The First. It will be necessary, however, to aim the delivered So Chic to have the touch screen 7’ alloy wheels, reversing radar or automatic air conditioning. Also aim higher to get the brand new technologies : from Performance Line for the rear lights LED, and from the Performance Line + for the led headlights Matrix LED, the handles self-opening distance or the navigation system. It should be noted that the opening system of the doors by smartphone and using the automatic parking Park Pilot will be available later.

Images. The DS3 Crossback detail

To each his DS3 Crossback

Radius customization, the catalogue of the DS3 Crossback can quickly become a chinese puzzle : there are nine exterior colors, three shades for the roof (black ; white and diamond red) and six indoor environments (Montmartre, Bastille, Performance Line, Rivoli, Opera Black Basalt or Ruby). Not to mention the many options ! But when one loves, one does not count.


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