Prices for Bus and train are rising much faster than for the car ride

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Commuters to use Bus and train – the preaching of many politicians. However, the prices for public transport rise, according to the Federal Statistical office is much faster than the drive for the car.

The use of local public transport (ÖPNV) in Germany in the past years, significantly more expensive. Almost 79 percent of the Tickets for buses and trains increased in price since the year 2000, as the Federal Statistical office announced on Tuesday.

Purchase and maintenance of motor vehicles increased in the same period, only 36 percent – as determined by prices, which rose by almost 50 percent, driven by the fuel. In General, the consumer prices increased in Germany in the period by around 30 percent.

For train tickets has to be just paid 57 percent more than 18 years ago. The cheapest way to pedestrians, according to calculations by the Wiesbaden-based authority, on the go: shoes have become since the year 2000, only 14 percent more expensive.


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