Private companies in France on speeders hunting

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Not only the police recognized, in the future, the pace of sinners in France, but also private security company with high-tech equipment. Car clubs against the Outsourcing of mobile.



By Stefan Simons In Paris


Stefan Simons

Is the author for SPIEGEL ONLINE in Paris.

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Saturday, 12.05.2018
10:20 PM

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Blitzer, trowel, traffic control: The speed along the National or departmental roads in France about the future of private security companies, monitored, instead of the police or the Gendarmerie. The mobile High-Tech equipment, which is used to allow it during the ride, the speed, drive and measure the distance of cars precisely and automatically. The stated aim of the procurement is: Better utilization of mobile radar traps and therefore higher revenues for the Treasury. Currently, the annual revenue from the automated speed cameras amount to 920 million euros.

With the Outsourcing of public tasks, while also experimenting in Austria and several German länder. “But only in a very narrow framework of local authorities must use private companies as a support”, says ADAC, the German expert Markus Schäpe. “Neither the selection of the measuring point, the Monitoring of the measuring operation may be delegated,” says the head of the legal Centre. And not insured: It is visible that at it in the foreseeable future, something will change.”

The measuring devices are discreetly hidden next to the car numbers

The situation is different in France, where within the next two years of the operation of mobile radar traps primarily transferred to the private companies. The beginning of the Normandy Region.

For the time being, five cars are on the road. “Until the summer then 26 vehicles are to be in operation,” says Emmanuel Barbe, representative for road safety at the launch of the plans in the Prefecture of Évreux. By 2020, 383 such measurement cars land will drive traffic controls. “We want to increase the camera capacity”, explained a security officer, bar. And although eight hours per day, on Sundays as holidays. So far, the high-tech Equipment was just one and a half hours a day in operation.

The measuring devices are discreetly hidden next to the car numbers, the screen on the dashboard, a GPS, and the rear cameras are similar to loudspeakers in a stereo system. The car Park of the private radar hunter, so far consisting of Peugeot 308, is extended to other brands: Small and mid – size models such as the Dacia Sandero, the Renault Clio or Citroen Berlingo.

Automotive associations are up in arms against the private hunting on traffic offenders

Where it took so far, two officials – one on the steering Wheel, one responsible for the operation of the measuring device, the security companies, only one Person in the Car: The new radar machines to capture speed violations, the GPS-data, time, and photos, go to the evaluation directly to the national “centre for traffic violations” in Rennes. One of the companies that received in Normandy, the contract for the Monitoring, the company Mobiom.

France automotive associations are up in arms against the private hunt for traffic offenders, and any complaints on the operation of radar traps to external companies as a “Big Brother”procedure. The League for the defence of motorists gathered for his Petition least 427,000 signatures, the Association “40 million motorists” appealed to the state Council opposition: “It’s just a matter of making money for the state significant revenue”.

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