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Out of fear of bans, more than 1000 diesel owners want to get out of their cars even with a better exhaust gas cleaning Hardware upgrade. The bill goes to the manufacturer.

The recently in Berlin, presented a retrofit Initiative for older diesel vehicles, which emit many pollutants, receives a big inflow. On the Website of the Initiative had registered by Thursday 1492 car owners to have their Diesel Cars with an SCR catalyst including additional tank for the urea solution called AdBlue retrofitting.

The technology to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by at least 90 percent. The equipped vehicles would comply with all limits and would not be affected by any bans.

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Hardware Upgrade:
Is this the solution?

The push to start retrofit Initiative came from a coalition of civil society, and industry, including the former head of Department of the Federal environment Agency, Axel Friedrich, former judge and member of the Landtag Hartmut Bäumer, the action Alliance for justice in the VW exhaust scandal, and the exhaust technology company, a specialist Twintec Baumont from king winter.

The Minister of transport Scheuer against area-wide retrofit

It is one of the protagonists to less pollutants in the air and a counter-measure to the loss of value of hundreds of thousands of Diesel Cars due to driving bans and dubious Software upgrades. The Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) rests against an effective area-wide Hardware upgrade of diesel cars, as these bring, among other things, legal problems.

The Initiative for the retrofit of registered Diesel Cars is already preparing. Final with SCR-catalyst, the first car to be retrofitted but only if the logged in vehicles in at least a thousand VW models; the number is only about 500 registrations. A four-digit number of these cars is necessary to be able to retrofit systems for all vehicles for the targeted price of close to 2000 Euro.

First pay, then claim back

The vehicle owner will Finance it in advance – so the Plan for the Initiative – the retrofit first. In the connection then the costs should be recovered by legal means from the respective vehicle manufacturer. This to legally work, is not safe. Ex-judge Hartmut Bäumer, however, is optimistic: “basically, it is a typical remedy, as provided for in the law on damages.”

Political movement is now apparently in the retrofit debate. The Chairman of the consumer protection Ministerial conference, Saarland consumer protection Minister Reinhold Jost (SPD) said the “Handelsblatt”, in case of need, a Hardware upgrade for an old diesel should be required cars law.

Short previously the CDU had General Secretary Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer in light of the recent court decision to ban in Frankfurt am Main for Hardware retrofits diesel vehicles, the exceptionally, where this is “reasonable” and “feasible”. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has a decision to make large-scale Hardware-retrofit announced until the end of September.

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