Probably the smallest caravan in Germany

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Sebastian Schille and Antje Gustavus have perfected the art of omission. The Couple has converted a Daihatsu Cuore to the RV and enjoys the maximum freedom of the Mini-Camper.


Sebastian Schille

By Matthias Kriegel

Tuesday, 18.07.2017
05:31 PM

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As Sebastian Schille and Antje Gustavus at this Leipzig summer day, turn in your car around the corner, are you currently in the center: waiters turn their heads, passers-by look up to the road, and a couple of children waving. The car is puny, but it is all the more striking: red with a blue hood, roof Luggage rack, recognizable, fully loaded and with a number of labels and lovingly decorated. It is a Daihatsu’s Cuore, but especially the 3,40-meters-auto dwarf is probably the smallest caravan in Germany.

The brand Daihatsu is no longer represented since the beginning of 2013, even in Europe, the car is a rarity. For the model of Schille and Gustavus, Cuore L701, built in 2000, 55 HP, 720 kg kerb weight and a 140 mph top speed but the more: Because of the small car, thanks to a sophisticated self-setup everything they need for their extended camping vacations.

“Cuore, I discovered the beginning of 2016 on the Internet and found it right off the bat is cute,” says Schille. 500 Euro cost of the car, and actually, the Kid was thought of as a second car, to save the other car of the two, a Peugeot Bus from the type Expert Tepee in everyday life. With the Peugeot namely, Schille, and Gustavus went on a regular basis in the camping holiday. Eventually, however, Some of the Peugeot was given to the Draftsmen to be cumbersome and impractical – and it is aged for an idea: How about the Daihatsu to the RV remodel?


Matthias Kriegel

From the Plan of a project, and the project is a Prime example for centimeter-accurate Packaging. With a lot of endurance, creativity, and precisely sawed Wood fashioned Schille and Gustavus the Cuore is a device in place of the rear seats (which were removed), with the help of the car within a Minute to the bedroom to transform. To do this, drivers need only – and front-passenger seat backrest can be folded back so that the mattress pad is unfolding and as a lying area of 1.80 times by 1.10 meters. Under the bed two large storage compartments are located, the Rest of the camping equipment is housed on the roof.

“You have to be careful not to Sleep only comes from Fitted against the horn and the whole campsite wakes up,” says Antje Gustavus. “Otherwise, the suction is Small but so comfortable.”

And he is a contact makers of the first rank. “Only because it is very often approached on the car”, says the Camping couple. It looks like the campground neighbors are already after a couple of minutes in front of the Mini-motorhome, and shaking his head and gazing in wonder at the equipment refinements.

Photo gallery

Sleeping in the car:
Travel Dwarf

Germany, Poland, Scandinavia, Italy Schille, and Gustavus, as often as possible, traveling. In the past year alone you were driving with the Cuore around 10,000 kilometers on holiday. The next, for three weeks of a scheduled Tour should go back to France through Spain to Portugal. “For us, the degenerates usually a little bit,” says Schille. “But we love this feeling of freedom and driving a car anyway.”

In the holidays fly? Not our thing!

Meanwhile, the two professionals, with regard to the minimalist Camp. But before you chose a Cuore to the camper, gathered you already had experience with a Mini-Camper. This was in 2007. At the time, they wanted to go originally with a rented mobile home for three weeks through Norway. After exploring some of the services offered was clear, however, that such vacation is too expensive. “The rental rates are extremely and in the end, nothing belongs to you,” says Gustavus. “And we had a car, however, it was a Opel Corsa.”

Take a look in the interior of the Daihatsu Cuore motorhome – with our 360-degree photo:

As Sebastian Schille for the first time a car in extent in order to a holiday dwelling, he gained the first experience of this kind. After the conversion, the Corsa, amongst other things, a double bed (120×190 meters), a water dispenser, as well as from the rear extendable dining table. In addition, an awning was attached to the open tailgate – ready-made the small car flat for the Norway-holidays.

In the Mini-mobile had a better life than I thought. Your experiences published in Gustavus and Schille in a Blog. There, they encouraged explicitly copycat with the help of detailed construction plans and numerous craft tips. Holiday as a kind of total work of art. In the holidays fly? “Not our thing,” said Gustavus, “we want to be on the go, what to experience, and as much as possible.”

An electric motor, that would be it

As the Corsa went out, came in the meantime, the Peugeot-Bus as a camping car in the game, but then a return to the minimalism. Even more radical than before, because of Daihatsu Cuore is around 60 inches shorter than a Vauxhall Corsa. An awning not to build Schille, and Gustavus now, and the supply of water wandered from the trunk in a canister on the roof.

This is not, however, was not so easy. “To get a roof rack for the Cuore, I had to make detective work,” says Schille. “It took a year and a half, until I had all the parts.” Finally, a self-made roof rack from the single of three various Luggage parts to construct the carrier. Also for the suspension of the front part of the lying surface, an unusual solution was found. “M6 threaded within the framework of one of the cars – an absolute rarity,” Schille and shows on the thread above the doorways, in which the handles were fastened. Now the carabiner latched to hold the double bed in the Horizontal to be there.

Take a look in the converted interior of the Daihatsu Cuore motorhome – with our 360-degree photo:

Only a Trotter is missing the small world: one of the E-Motor. “That would perfect the car really is,” says Schille. “If the technology is ready, I will definitely look at what is possible.” Tag and travel plans there is more than enough. Sebastian Schille and Antje Gustavus lost to the Cuore her heart (which fits, because Cuore is Italian and means translated: the heart). And so it is with many who get the car for the first time to face. About the children, the herliefen in some Italian villages behind the car. Or the suits in Gothenburg. Gustavus reported: “As we drove through the financial district, have drawn up a few bankers and a La-Ola-wave for us. Because the heart really.”

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