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The new Land Rover Evoque will be marketed in the spring of 2019. The prices are not yet known for the French market.

Here is the second generation of the Land Rover Evoque. Very subtle, the aesthetic evolution is confined to the game of seven errors. The revolution is on board that it : place the digital ! Discovery.

January 2008 Detroit auto show : the concept car Land Rover LRX upsets the codes of the SUV.

In 2011, the version of the series, named the Range Rover Evoque is marketed in France. In 2015, a very light restyling, and allows him to pursue quietly its road. Because the Evoque is a success story ! Land Rover has passed over 775,000 copies in the world.


Land Rover Evoque 1 (2011-2018) Land Rover Evoque 1 (2011-2018)

Model of conquest, it has been a tremendous lever for growth for the brand. Therefore, at the time of drawing his or her replacement – who will arrive on the market in the spring of 2019 – the question arose : should he opt for a sage evolution or for a crazy revolution.


New door handles, The new Evoque 2019 has door handles flush mounted, identical to those of the Range Rover Velar.

Placed under the tutelage of the iconic Gerry McGovern, the designers have remained very cautious and it’s understandable. At this point, that in discovering this second version of the Range Rover Evoque, the difference does not jump immediately to the eyes. The detailed feature that will allow you, for sure, identify the Evoque ” Mk2 “ – as say our neighbours across the Channel-are the door handles flush. He chipées to its big brother, the Range Rover Velar. Other relationship aesthetically between the two models, a headband, lacquered black bar horizontally on the stern.


Dimensions Range Rover Evoque 2019 fires thinned are in two parts, and a headband black bar horizontally on the tailgate. The Evoque 2 monkey its big brother Velar.

Because of profile, except of the flanks are smoother and the coupling system more precise, between different parts of the body, the proportions are typical of the iconic Evoque have of course been retained.

These small optimizations have only one goal, to give him a look even more statutory.

In fact, the dimensions have not changed. The length of the Evoque 2 is 4.37 m. However, the volume of the trunk is increased from 575 to 591 litres thanks to an increase of the width of the luggage compartment. Which he will now accommodate a golf bag.

On the other hand, seats folded, the evolution went in the other direction : 1 445 l for the former versus 1 383 for the new.


The back seat of the new Evoque is a welcoming place for two adults.

The rear seats, the space is okay for two adults measuring 1,80 m, But forget the central place, the more steep to the level of the seat as the folder and the guard to the roof lower.

Five-door only , The new Evoque will be available in 5 doors. Exit the coupe and the cabriolet.

Another radical change, the pure and simple disappearance of the coupe version which, however, was that advocated by the concept car LRX. Marginal, the sales of the Evoque three-door have prompted the brand to refocus on the silhouette 5-door, the latter offering much more versatility without sacrificing the dynamism stylistic. Therefore, the Evoque Convertible will not be renewed.

The Evoque goes to the hybrid

In the spring of 2020, the new Evoque hybrid will combine a gasoline engine three-cylinder 1.5 200 hp and 280 Nm to an electric motor of 80 kW (about 108 hp) and 260 Nm.

The career of the Evoque 2 will be another turning point : less than body, as we have said, but this is offset by a broader range at the level of the engines. At launch, the range will be structured around three diesel engines of 150, 180 and 240 hp and three blocks essence of 200, 250 and 300 hp. Note that only the entry-level diesel will be available in two-wheel drive and with a manual gearbox. All the rest of the range will be associated with the all-wheel drive coupled to an automatic transmission to nine reports.


The mild hybrid from the new Range Rover Evoque will have a battery (in blue) under the driver’s seat.

In a first time, the new Evoque will have the technology 48V , and will house a battery type lithium-ion, 8 Ah under the driver’s seat (see picture below). This mild hybrid will reduce CO2 emissions by 8 g/km, equivalent to a total of 149 g/km and a consumption of 5.7 l/100 km according to the protocol WLTP. It is a meager income, but let’s not forget that the Evoque is based on a technical platform old and relatively heavy. Moreover, from one generation to the next, his weight has almost not changed.

Subsequently, the Evoque will have the engines Ingenium 1.5 three-cylinder. A block that will be the basis of future hybrid version scheduled for spring 2020. It will include the 1.5 petrol 200 hp and 280 Nm to an electric motor with a power of 100 hp to a torque value of 260 Nm.


The digital era No less than three digital screens on the new Range Rover Evoque. It layer the furniture with that of the Range Rover Velar.

If it is difficult to distinguish externally the former Refers to the new, edge the difference immediately jumps to the eyes. Goodbye, buttons ! This is the motto of the new Evoque. It features an instrumentation 100 % digital on a slab placed in front of the driver.


The evolution is apparent at the edge of the Land Rover Evoque 2.

The touch screen in the center of the instrument panel is motorized, it straightens when it is in function. Finally, below, a third plate completes the package. This architecture is none other than that of the Range Rover Velar. Modernity is clear and the costs of development are mastered.


A hood invisible

It is possible to remove the cover and see exactly where it raises its front wheels.

The new Land Rover Evoque benefits from the system Terrain Response of a second-generation. And to be able to ask its wheels without worry about rough terrain or moving quietly in narrow underground car parks, three cameras, one in each exterior mirror and one in the front grille – can make “disappear” the hood. Lexus already has this system on the limousine LS, we can do away with the entire body and see where one asks the four wheels.

“A system of three cameras allows to “disappear” the cover of the new Evoque“

Thus, the driver of the new Evoque to an immediate vision of what is in front of the vehicle. The image is displayed on the central screen of the dashboard.

The other visual aid that will be very practical, a rearview mirror tilting between a classical operation, a mirror and a digital system with a wide angle camera. This device is not superfluous in view of the narrowness of the rear window.

Finally, the new Evoque will arrive in concession in the spring of 2019. Land Rover announces a base price of 31 600 £ on the English market, which is equivalent to 36 270 €.








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