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Presented in early October at the occasion of the World Auto in Paris, the Renault Kadjar restyled to arrive in concession in January 2019.

Renault will take advantage of the World Auto 2018 to present its compact SUV significantly remodeled. Arrived at mid-career, the Kadjar runs through the box restyling. A cosmetic procedure and technique a little deeper than it seems at first glance…

The Renault Kadjar restyled will have its first bath of the crowd, beginning next October, on the occasion of the World Auto Paris, before being launched in January 2019. On the French market, the Kadjar is suffering from a clear deficit of the affection of the public who would prefer him more often than the Peugeot 3008.

In france, indeed, it sells for three times less Kadjar as 3008 ! However, if one takes a step back, and observe the career of the compact SUV from Renault at the global scale (in addition to Europe, it is sold in China and on the asian markets, is in some fifty countries in total), the situation is far from catastrophic. On the contrary, since 2015, it has been sold with over 450,000 clients. This is why, even if this restyling is an operation indispensable, she had no need to change everything.


This exchange…

The radiator grille is now larger, and it is adorned with strips of chrome plated, the Renault Kadjar gains in standing.

Externally, the evolution of cosmetics is relatively unobtrusive. Those who were waiting for new headlights with brackets, such as the Renault Mégane and Renault Talisman, will be for their expenses. The optics of the new Kadjar keep strictly the same contours. However, the light signature is changing with the arrival of the flashing LED integrated daytime running lights. This technology is also present on the projectors that will be delivered as soon as the finish of Bst.

Renault Kadjar (2015) Renault Kadjar (2015)

Much more visible, the drawing of the shields is modified, while the front grille is enlarged and adorned to this slats are chrome-plated. Part color crate is much larger, which is painted in matte black limited now to the lower corners of the shield. In addition, cross-protection is “horizontally shaped” and lose the shark fins that once adorned its top end. In addition, the fog lights, also LEDS, are gaining great circles chrome that add value to the whole, and give it a more high-end. The lower air intake now has a form of trapezoid open towards the bottom and not more towards the top.

The provision of lights on the shield is a new one with the turn signals and the reverse lights positioned in the bottom.

The same approach is applied to the rear, with the lights lower two-tone, which integrate the functions of turn signals, reversing lights and fog lights are all LED. Redesigned, the insert under the shield incorporates fake exhaust outlets surrounded by chrome. The frame of the license plate, the image of the outlet air from the lower front, adopts a shape in trapezoid, narrowed toward the top. This new theme has the primary purpose to expand visually the Kadjar. Compared to the current model, the Kadjar restyled seems to have gained in standing.

The Renault Kadjar restyled proposes two new types of rims in 17 and 19 inches. The false exhaust pipe circled in chrome enhance the rear of the Renault Kadjar restyled.


Beauty of the interior is The dashboard of the Renault Kadjar restyled changes the staging of the touch screen. And, below, the new air conditioning controls are those of the… Dacia Duster.

The other major interrogative about the Kadjar restyled was the following : adopt the large touch-screen display vertical team already Mégane, Scénic, Espace and Talisman ? The answer is no. For the simple and good reason that, derived technically on the Nissan Qasqhai, the Kadjar does not have the necessary place. The introduction of the screen 8.7 inches in “portrait” mode would in effect change the entire central console and, especially, to adapt the ventilation ducts so that they can receive the nozzles are vertical. Too expensive and not really necessary for the client.

The multimedia screen has not changed size, 7-inch diagonal, but it is now framed pushs sensory, which gives the impression that it is bigger than previously. The design of the contreportes is more polished with chrome elements and decks incorporating the commands window and adjustable mirrors, original Renault and not Nissan.

Nevertheless, to modernize the dashboard, the touch screen is enlarged artificially. Its diagonal is still 7 inches, but controls devices that are sensitive and integrated in the framework. The whole media, therefore, occupy all the available space between the vents, at the top, and the air conditioning controls at the bottom.

These are times of new Dacia Duster. Very high-tech, these three knobs chrome each have a digital display so the Audi TT. Finally, original Nissan, turntable control window lifts placed on the contreportes have been replaced by a model typically Renault. They offer a range of chrome accents and are backlit. Admittedly, they are details, but they contribute to enhance the value of the Kadjar.


A Blue dCi 150 unpublished

The Kadjar has not waited for its restyling to adopt new engines. The block petrol 1.3 TCe, featuring a particulate filter and developed in partnership with Mercedes-Benz, replaces this month the old 1.2 TCe 130 and 165 hp. Available in two versions, 140 and 160 hp, 1.3 TCe leaves, in both cases, the choice between a manual gearbox and a transmission automated dual-clutch transmission EDC.

In diesel, the 1.5 dCi 110 just give it up to a 1.5 Blue dCi 115 hp. On the other hand, the Kadjar 2019 will be behind his new muzzle theunique engine 1.7 Blue dCi 150 ch. It will replace the 1.6 dCi 130. This version of 150 hp will have a manual gearbox and leave the choice between the architecture traction, proposed to the rest of the lineup, and the all-wheel-drive. The Kadjar is the only SUV habs in its segment to be available in 4×4 version. An undeniable asset.

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