Rescue lanes blocked at 80 percent of all bets

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“These Figures are alarming”: According to the Red cross rescue blocked streets regularly – and helpers lose average of perhaps up to five minutes.

The German Red cross (DRK) has surveyed in the summer of 96 rescue teams from Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Bavaria, Saarland, lower Saxony, Berlin, and Saxony for their experiences with the rescue streets. Now the organization announced the result, according to which 80 percent of all bets will be more difficult, because the rescue streets are blocked.

The average loss of time of the assistant is estimated according to information from the DRK-a Federal doctor Peter Sefrin on up to five minutes. The newspaper “Neue Osnabr├╝cker Zeitung” reported. “These Figures are terrifying,” said DRC President Gerda Hasselfeldt of the newspaper. “Especially when it comes to saving lives, every second counts.” On Tuesday, among other things, Hasselfeldt and Sefrin want to introduce you to the results of the survey.

As a deterrent, the fines for motorists, which make up in a traffic jam or in slow traffic, on the highway with no emergency lane for helpers were increased in October 2017, dramatically: to block A rescue lane is 320 Euro and a maximum of plus driving ban will cost (you can find out more here; the background to the rules for the rescue of streets you can read here).

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“Should we determine that we achieve with the current level of traffic fines have the desired effect, we need to think of further increases,” said lower Saxony’s interior Minister Boris Pistorius the newspaper.


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