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The helicopter of the type Zefhir the vacant.
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For the first time a helicopter has triggered a total rescue system and a parachute landing, completed. How the technology works.

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          It is the nightmare scenario for a helicopter pilot: The engine is either unlandbarem field or on the water. In this case, the rotation is in spite of the car’s ability of a helicopter, so the possibility, even in the case of a stationary engine with the rotor blades still controlled to the ground to decrease the chance of Survival for the occupants is uncertain. That could change in the future. For the first time a helicopter has recently completed the Committee of a total rescue system and a parachute landing successfully.

          The two-seat turbine helicopter-Curti Aerospace Division Ravenna is equipped with a rescue system by the German manufacturer Junkers Profly. This sits above the rotor head, so that rotation can’t tear off the end of the rotor blades, the connection lines are connected to the parachute in case of emergency. The helicopter of the type Zefhir the vacant. He was remote-controlled and floated to the Simulation of a motor failure and the Triggering of the system in around 300 meters of altitude and parachute to the ground. However, the impact of the 700-pound machine took place in spite of the screen still with 27 km/h.

          That would have been a real case, had the Pilot and passenger to the landing on the screen, despite a relatively high rate of descent of about seven feet in the second, also thanks to the crash of the seats absorbing well, unharmed, or with lighter injuries survived. Once the System has received its aviation authorisation, should it be for the newly developed Zefhir helicopters from the Italian manufacturer offered. Then it can come in other helicopter types to be used if they are designed for. In Germany, Italy and France, there is a helicopter for some time, a new category of so-called ultra-light. For this very light two-seater, the parachute system would be a major safety plus.

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          Reasons to trigger it in a plane or helicopter, there are several. Fire on Board the ship or of the loss of Parts of the aircraft. But also the inadvertent in-flight in clouds and the associated loss of Orientation is life-threatening. An engine failure on unlandbarem area occurs that would also be a reason to activate the rescue system. Similarly, the medical problems of the pilots or the collision with another aircraft.

          In the case of such an emergency situation, must as soon as possible pulled a red-marked handle in the Cockpit that will trigger the parachute ejection. A small rocket pulls him out of the aircraft. Depending on the type and size of the system, it can sometimes be enough, if the machine is only 200 meters above the ground, so that the rescue proceeds successfully.

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          Such a total-rescue systems on single-engine flight free success tools a example, experienced. Worldwide have been saved so far, several hundred people from serious or fatal injuries. For registered in Germany ultralight aircraft rescue systems on Board. The country’s widespread Cessna type 172, or 182 can be retrofitted with these rescue devices at least.

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