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Little money, but you still fancy a classic car? No Problem – it does, in fact, the bargain-sled. We introduce them to you. This Time, the Mercedes W124.



By Haiko Prengel

Sunday, 01.11.2015
At 07:46

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Cheap Classic Car

    You have the right mood for a vintage, trust but not to buy, because old cars in many media, only as a store of Value, will be explored? Fear not, you must not have successfully speculated on the stock exchange, to travel to beautiful sheet.

    Clearly, for grandpa’s discarded carts from Mercedes or BMW are now proud to be the sums due, and for the most of old Porsches today are moon prices paid. But between all the expensive jet men, as a rule, hardly to be moved, they are: the wallflower, the exotics, hardly anyone on the screen – and the correspondingly low cost. And not only in the acquisition but also in maintenance. Cars for which spare parts supply is no Problem, and for a exhaust not a whole month’s salary factored in.

We have brought together and set in a series at regular intervals.

Mercedes W124


Mercedes-Benz Limousine of the 124 series: The last skid

General information about the model: the middle-class, series W124-founded Daimler-Benz’s E-class. More than 2.5 million copies were produced between 1984 and 1996, the product range expanded as never before: From the cumbersome Diesel to the bear’s strong 500E with a V8 engine, the offer was enough. What have all the W124 in common: a solid construction and a timeless elegance. A tip for families with children, the T-model is: The Combi offers plenty of space and drives handy and convenient – the ideal touring car.

Why? Those who attract attention and thick trousers to make wants, is a 124 bad advice. Due to the high number of pieces and the quality of workmanship, he is represented in the road image. The look is pure Understatement: Even the E500 reveals its potency is only minimally more flared fenders and is it only for Aficionados.

It is the inner values that characterize the W124. He is considered by many Fans and experts as the “last real Mercedes”. The quality of workmanship is outstanding, engines and technology are very durable. Not only the six-cylinder, but also the smaller four-cylinder as in the 230E apply with minimal care, to be indestructible. With a mileage of 200,000 kilometers, the units are retracted until practically the, mileage of more than half a Million kilometers and more are not uncommon.


Timeless, unfussy, large: The interior

If the door falls closed with the now long discarded Cones as a vault, if the generous insulation of the drive and environmental noise, only by thickness of a meter, watt – layer, and it takes place in a luxury Resort, how to build it also with Mercedes today. The setup of the dashboard and the center console is unpretentious, but, as from the solid wood carved, factually, but legally binding.

Nothing creaks and rattles, even when driving on cobble-stone streets, you hear stones at the window open not more than the smacking of the tyres on the smooth. Chassis as the 124, there are now no more: soft, comfortable, to tend to without rocking deposits – those who are not relaxed in this car, is a case for the psychiatrist.

Availability: The range is great: From down to up gerockten combined with maintenance of traffic jam and the Rest-TÜV up to the classy coupe, the snow and salt has seen, is there anything on the market. Basically, you should not let high mileage scare you. With reasonable care self-250.000 km on the clock no buying obstacle. More important is to pay attention to the condition of the body. If you have a bad shot, don’t threaten the high follow – up costs-especially when you screw yourself (and welding).

Spare parts supply: W124-screwdrivers are in luck, because parts of it without end. Many spare parts can be found on scrap yards, or you can go on the Internet on the search. However, there are partly big differences in quality. Cheap nachprodu graced parts are often quickly broken and you have to pay at the end of double. The Original parts of Mercedes-Benz is more expensive, but also much longer.

Prices for spare parts (example):

Set of brake discs front: approx. 90 Euro
Set front rear: CA. 35 Euro
– Front fenders: approx. 200 euros
– Light machine: approx. 150 Euro

Weaknesses: Really big weak points of the W124. Rust is an issue, especially on the fenders. If the words, are often eaten away the wheel arches behind it. Blooming landscapes is also under the windscreen seals, behind-the-Sacco-planks (side protection bars) and the T-models on the tailgate. On the rear window of a milky edge is formed, then only the disc replacement helps. Famous Bonanza-effect – unsightly swaying of the engine block at a W124 with manual transmission.

Expensive it can be, if one of the control devices, for example, for the engine gives up the Ghost. An original replacement part from Mercedes-Benz costs more than a thousand euros. But in these matters Research is worth it, because there are now providers, the repair control units – some even with a warranty.

Price: starting From one thousand euros to a in every way pre W124, but then you should work and restoration work not be afraid. Well-groomed models from 3500 euros. Suits generally cost a premium. Coupes are more expensive, the prices for convertibles are already going through the ceiling.


The price of rocket, please stand out: The convertible variant

In General, the prices for all W124 just go straight up. Especially well-equipped cars are not more convenient to have. Finally, of the 124 with all sorts of Extras to almost S-class level of finishing and is doing so today, compared with current vehicles in terms of comfort extras. Interested parties should have access soon, before it is too expensive, even at the poor-equipped vehicles, a price increase is to be expected.

Points of contact on the Internet:

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