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From the outside he gives the grafters, but the inside of the new Ssangyong’s Musso surprisingly comfortable. This makes the Pick-up from South Korea, not only for construction and forest workers, but also for families.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Tuesday, 28.08.2018
At 16:45

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The first impression: Yippieyeah! The Ssangyong Musso is not coming from South Korea, but looks to the far East, but rather like a classic Cowboy from the Wild West.

Says the manufacturer: “Robust, authentic, versatile” – for Ulrich Mehling, head of Ssangyong in Germany, is the Musso is primarily a work animal. However, the car should appeal not only to civil engineers or landscape gardeners, but also families. According to the Motto “small outside-functional, roomy on the inside” will offer the commercial vehicle, the appearance and the comfort of a passenger Car, says Mehling. Who does not want to drive like all the others – an ordinary SUV, it can stand out by the Pick-up from the neighbors.


Tom Grünweg

The we noticed: The Musso is full of Surprises, and that starts with the ignition key. Because it is so heavy and precious in the Hand like that of a luxury sedan. That he should open the doors to a vile commercial vehicles, one might believe, therefore, hardly. But this Pick-up is different. Useful, of course: The load area is 1.30 meters long, the load capacity is increased over that of the previous model Actyon Sports 112 to 1011 litres, the load capacity is 850 kg and with selectable four-wheel drive velvet off-road gear, as well as the increased ground clearance of the radius of action of the Musso is significantly larger than most SUV’s.

At the same time, the Musso is anything other than plain, at least, if you want to check on the order paper, the right tools. Then you get a car with fine leather seats, a heated steering Wheel and heated seat backs, and seat ventilation. This is an Extra, in the many Standard SUV to fit in. There are ornate brackets made of chrome and carbon-imitation, a solid touch-screen Navigation and a Cockpit with pretty animations on the screen between the analogue instruments. You imagine yourself in a Lifestyle car, not a truck. This applies at least for the first series, where seat comfort and space is more reminiscent of a posh SUV as a commercial vehicle. On the three-seat bench in the rear of the four-door, it’s something more sober and also not-so-spacious.

However, the Musso can conceal his true nature by using the comfortable interior, not completely hide it. Because when Driving you realize that you are sitting in a civilized load. Although, it comes with the 5,10-Meter-long colossus well by the city, but the diesel engine growls loudly, the rustic-style suspension under the ladder frame is designed more for heavy loads than on plush luxury and Speed, you need patience. On the other hand, the Musso has an Extra that is otherwise known only from the upper class, and although involuntarily, but is standard equipment on Board: a massage function. If you let the Hand on the shift knob, gently shake by the vibrations from the gearbox and resistant to the entire skeleton and loosen some of the Tension.

Take a look in the interior of the Ssangyong Musso, with our 360 degree photo:

The need to know: The Musso inherits the previous model Actyon Sports and comes in the next few weeks, initially with a four-door double cab, in the trade, and later to a Version with a longer platform. Technically, the Pick-up is derived from the last year, renewed Rexton. The basic price is 23.990 Euro, and even with all the Extras barely 40,000 euros. Since the price lists of competitive models such as the Mercedes X-class or the VW Amarok are just about to begin. But the Musso is not only significantly cheaper than most other flatbed trucks, but also a Alternative to all-terrain vehicles. Especially when it comes to tough cars like the Land Rover Discovery or the Mercedes G -.

Is powered the Musso by a 2.2-litre four-cylinder Diesel, its combustion process, which is also somehow authentic – no secret of the power and starting shaking like an angry rhinoceros, which has given the car the name (Musso, the Korean word for rhinoceros). The engine normally drives the rear wheels, for 2000 euros extra charge there is a selectable all-wheel drive. Is switched to the six-speed gearbox is Hand – for more 2000 Euro extra charge automatically. The maximum speed of the pick-up truck is powerful 195 km/h and measured in terms of the Format of the average fuel consumption of 7.9 litres is very low.

We will not forget: The irony, with the help of the Ssangyong Designer at Musso. Not because of the chrome grille, the LED Daytime running lights or the slightly waisted flanks, because these Details let the flatbed truck is actually a bit to the Premium appearance. But the ridged top side of the mirror (against wind turbulence) or of the streamlined antenna in the Form of a shark-dorsal fin on the roof is a bit of acting silly in a quite colossal Pick-up.

Vehicle registration certificate




Four-Cylinder Turbodiesel

Six-Speed Manual Transmission

All-wheel drive

2.157 CC

181 HP (133 kW)

400 Nm

Maximum speed:
195 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
7.9 litres

CO2 emissions:
211 g/km

1.011 litres

2.155 kg

5095 / 1950 / 1849

25.990 EUR

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