Right-of-way to the highway on-ramp may change

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For those who drive on the highway, you must allow the traffic on the through roadway right-of-way? This applies mostly, but not always, as a court shows the judgment.

In the Acceleration lane of the motorway is usually: for those Who drive, you must allow the traffic on the through roadway right-of-way. In Stop-and-go, this rule may be omitted but, if the traffic is no longer at a standstill, like from a judgment of the Oberlandesgericht Hamm, the working group traffic law of the German bar Association (DAV) reported.

A car driver wanted to be driving by a rest area on the motorway A 45 in direction of Frankfurt. There, the traffic was building up. His front man was able, from the Acceleration lane coming between the two Trucks in the right lane for threading. He was inclined to a halt – half on the carriageway and half on the acceleration strip. As the rear tractor-trailer re-delivery, missed this the car and collided with him. The car drivers should pay the penalty proceedings before the district court, 110 Euro, because he was waiting have been subject to.

The court of appeal ruled in turn: No right-of-way violation. This right-of-way rule applies even in Stop-and-go traffic. But not then, when the traffic came on the track in such a way, that is not to be expected in a shorter time with a more travel.

The commandment of mutual consideration

The Truck driver had testified that he had approximately been three to four minutes. Then, the court would not have passed the right-of-way, but the commandment of mutual consideration.


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