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Nationwide, more diesel driving bans threaten. Under the pressure of the CDU, CSU transport Minister Andreas Scheuer promises to be a new concept for the exhaust retrofit. And appeals to the automotive industry.

Transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has announced it will vehicles in the face of further threat of driving bans, a new concept to rework on older diesel. “We will make technical thoughts, how do we get existing vehicles cleaner,” he said in a Twitter spread the video message. “We need but also the automotive manufacturers.” Without their willingness, “to provide for the future of diesel fuel”, won’t it be possible for such a concept.

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Hardware Upgrade:
Is this the solution?

This could apparently include the months in the Federal government’s controversial Hardware retrofits. “In the case of Euro 5 can be summarized into the eyes,” said Scheuer on Friday in the TV channel n-tv, on the question of whether such a Hardware conversion will now be sought from the Federal government. The Cabinet arguing for months, if, in addition to the already running software of updates from 6.3 million diesel cars, also the exhaust gas cleaning retrofit directly on the engine necessary.

Minister of transport, Scheuer has, at last, however, the pressure from the Union grew. The North Rhine-Westphalian environment Minister, Ursula Heinen calls-Esser (CDU), nitrogen-oxide catalytic converters in older diesel cars.

CDU of North Rhine-Westphalia increased pressure on Scheuer

“According to the calculations of our authority to retrofit brings a significant improvement in air quality, especially in cities like Cologne and Düsseldorf,” said Heinen-Esser of the MIRROR. Technically vehicles, the installation of so-called SCR catalysts is at least one-third of all diesel. The measure it considers to be suitable to preserve local authorities not to impose driving bans for these cars.

The land Minister calls on Scheuer, to create the legal conditions for it. For the of your authority on 1500 to 3000 euros estimated installation costs per vehicle, the car industry should pay. North Rhine-Westphalia to Hesse and Baden-Württemberg, another of the CDU mitregiertes state that is committed to Hardware retrofits.

Additional driving bans threaten

The Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze (SPD) had already expressed its support for Hardware modifications at the expense of the auto maker quickly. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had announced a decision until the end of September.

The concept should be elaborated in the coming days, the Minister announced. It should also be discussed, “as a transition into a new vehicle”. Whether scouring for financial aid for the car says the buyer, he said.

Federal Minister Andi Scheuer prohibited on court judgments to #drive: „We can affected Diesel-driver not in the rain. We are working on a new concept, to give people security. To do this, we need mandatory for the car manufacturers.“ @BMVI

— Wolfgang Ainetter (@WAinetter) 14. September 2018

Many German cities have bans on diesel threaten to drive the car because the air oxides of too much harmful nitrogen (NOx) is charged. Many experts believe that current measures are sufficient to prevent further driving prohibitions. There are already several court cases, many drivers want to retrofit their diesel cars in the private Initiative.

Unpleasant topic for the CDU in Hesse-election campaign

Merkel had recently announced in a meeting of the Union group, after Participants indicated that they would take care of the retrofitting of diesel vehicles. The theme of the game in the Hesse state election campaign, a role that citizens asked many questions.

Also in Frankfurt am Main sentence threatens to a court a ban on older Diesel. 28. October will be chosen in the state of Hesse. Prime Minister and CDU Vice Volker Bouffier keeps Hardware retrofits. In Stuttgart, there will be the turn of the year driving bans in Hamburg, you are in two sections.

In addition to the SPD and Parts of the CDU, Green, FDP and Left for Hardware retrofitting. The AfD is opposed to it. If the car maker can be obliged to the technical retrofits, however, is controversial. Conceivable some politicians would be from the point of view that industry and taxpayers will bear the cost together.


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