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After a biblical term of 14 years, Rolls-Royce brings a new Ghost. The eighth Generation is seen to have arrived in the digital age, amazed but most of all by a surreal tranquility on Board.


James Lipman / Rolls-Royce

Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Tuesday, 17.10.2017
At 05:18

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The first impression: Everything is new and yet quite Old.

Says the manufacturer: Rolls-Royce 14 years ago for the first time under the direction of BMW, a car launched, the Phantom VII for the sleepy British a revival experience. “This car has brought our brand back to where it belongs: at the top of the top of the automotive industry,” says company boss Torsten Müller-Ötvös. He basks numbers since then in consistently high sales, but the success of the Phantom was also a burden. “The harder it was for us, with a Generation of eight to add to that,” he says.

Doubts as to whether this goal could be reached, scattered Müller-Ötvös rigid. “We have made the best car in the world even better and a true masterpiece created.” For the usual categories of the HP-world, that may be a bit stacked high, but if you look at the Phantom less than a car and more as a work of art is something to it. At least in a Detail you can’t talk to the chief, actually, but we’ll get to that.

The we noticed: During the Phantom on the outside with the pure presence of 5.76 metres in length, the Bug in the Format of the Buckingham Palace, the iridescent Shine of a once again growing grille, meter-long chrome strips and a hard on the taste limit provided two color finishes for the ultimate in attention-cries, it is in the car very, very quiet.


Tom Grünweg

The gently a twelve-cylinder one suspects, rather, that it could actually sense or hear. Everyday sounds from the outside to be swallowed insulation materials of more than two talents, in addition to more than six-millimetre thick insulating glass panes and a special sound-proof foam in the tires. The rolling sound the 22-inch-Tires – was missing. The noise of the wind.

This impression is reinforced by a chassis that seems to carry the load of 2,6 tons more with wings than wheels. Because the rubber coating samples were doubled Alga of the air suspension now on each four liters, because Rolls-Royce not the usual two or three, but eight of the development loop has rotated the tires, and the exclusive partner of Continental at the end of 180 different rubber mixtures has been tried. The damper detect with the help of cameras also bumps in the road in advance and be prepared. One gets the feeling from the flying carpet in the Phantom closer than in any other car.

While perched acoustically in such a way Packed in cotton on the leather armchair in the rear, and in a kind of parallel universe to drift, almost a little sympathy with men like Robert bald mountain. He is the chief developer of the Phantom, and has worked with a Team of 500 employees, more than five years, especially that his work on the car hardly come true.

Take a look in the interior of the Rolls-Royce Phantom with our 360 degree photo:

“In the end, the Phantom is, of course, only a car and needs a drive,” says Kahlenberg, and throwing Numbers around, which would ensure in the case of any other vehicle for the nervous Twitch in the right foot of the driver: 12 cylinder, 6.75 litres of displacement, 571 HP and 900 Nm of torque, the changeover to turbo technology – can be directly after the idle. That would be a credit to any sports car, to the glory and in the Phantom is little more than a footnote in value.

Even the rear-axle steering, for which you Rank well without, even with the additional 22 inches long stretched version of the Swiss serpentine comes, is not much more than a nice Gimmick. Because: if you are sitting in a Rolls-Royce in General, to. Who changes anyway from the back right to front left, experienced a few Surprises. Less, because the magnificent ship is actually fairly nimble move, but because of the throne hall on wheels, in the meantime, more high-tech than most hotel suites.

With his organ trains for the air distribution and the knurled wheels, for setting the temperature of the car interior wonderful classic, make like the also antiquated. At the push of a button but big screens whirring of behind wooden work or made of leather consoles, the Wi-Fi network is stretched, and the digital instruments and the Head-up Display flicker los. In particular, the slope of the Tradition – the Phantom arrived in the digital age.

Even a rolling Supercomputer, such as the BMW 7 series is the Phantom in anything, even the virtual helicopter flight Onboard-cameras, with which you can look at the car from every perspective, there is. Although bald mountain, the Phantom is not a 7 series in a Tux, reminded all to be suspicious of the BMW flagship. Only touch screens, there are none in the Rolls, because a Phantom too fine for such Fingereien.

At one point, the project Manager is not trying, however, with other upper-class sedans to keep up. While BMW 7 series, Mercedes S-class and Audi A8 unsubscribe, just in a Competition to see who can when, where, and how long Autonomous drive, the Phantom is hardly more assistance systems as a VW Polo. “An Autopilot is the most Phantom-copies already on Board,” says Kahlenberg, “only that which is of flesh and blood, and Chauffeur.”

The need to know: in the production of the Phantom makes it the Rolls-Royce easy. Because of the construction of a car lasts in the factory in Goodwood on average 1200 hours, finished the British in the first year, once the initial equipment of the cars for the dealer. Customers will receive their cars at the earliest in January. You not only need a lot of patience, but also a lot of money. The “short” Phantom with 446.250 Euro in the list of hits for a long time with 535.500 euros. And because more than half of the Phantom can be individually refined, is likely to roll the majority of the new Phantom for a seven-figure price from the factory.

With the new Phantom in Rolls-Royce also introduces a new platform, which is designed as an aluminium space frame, and another difference from the 7 series without the carbon core of the BMW-works flagship. The new backbone of the car is not only 30 percent stiffer, and thus, literally, the base for the unshakable peace and the majestic ride feeling, but also the Foundation for the future of the brand. Müller-Ötvös: “We will provide all the new models on this new ‘Architecture of Luxury’.”

This is also the first all-terrain vehicle from Goodwood, which is being developed under the code name Cullinan and within a year’s time needs to be presented alongside the successors of the models Ghost, Wraith and Dawn. And that’s Revolution enough, there is soon a new drive. “Don’t worry, it is neither a eight-cylinder engine is still a Diesel and not a Hybrid”, it soothes Müller-Ötvös. “In the next decade, it is the first Rolls-Royce with pure electric drive.”

We will not forget: The dashboard, that in the Bespoke Department for the desires of the individual to the “Gallery” can be transformed. Customers can leave there behind glass works of art install, for example, paintings in acrylic, sculptures made of silver or leather, Installation, made of Gold and precious stones. Even tinned peacock feathers, and the Nymphenburg porcelain have draped the British. Depending on which artist is responsible, the Phantom not only unique, but actually a masterpiece. Already simple Work in leather or metal cost as much as a small car; however, if the work of a top stars of the art scene adorns the instrument panel, is likely to be the price of the car.

Vehicle registration certificate


Phantom VIII


V12 Turbo Direct Injection Petrol Engine

Eight-Speed Automatic


6.750 ccm

571 HP (420 kW)

900 Nm

From 0 to 100:
5.3 s

Maximum speed:
250 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
13.9 liters

CO2 emissions:
318 g/km

548 litres

2.560 kg

5762 / 2018 / 1646

446.250 GBP

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