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The CX-5 is Mazda’s best-selling car. Outside, the new model was changed, therefore, only cautiously. This has been done in the case of the driving characteristics a lot – and inside, a Ghost has returned of rest.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Wednesday, 05.04.2017
At 05:18

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The first impression: Everything is new and yet quite Old.

Says the manufacturer: Worldwide, more than 1.5 million-selling CX-5 models in the past five years, and to place one in the Mazda-internal statistics – chief engineer Kiyoshi Hayashi knew the responsibility, as he with the development of Generation two of the CX-5 was assigned. His strategy: “We set out to do each Detail.”

In addition, three guidelines had to be followed: The Design should be the next stage of the so-called Kodo-style, the Mazda with the first CX-5 introduced; the interior should increase the well-being of the passengers; and the feeling of driving should be immediate. Short said The Same thing: one more time, just a little bit better.

Take a look in the interior of the Mazda CX-5 with our 360 degree photo:

The we noticed: Just no Wind to make this Maxim applies to the Design of the new CX-5 in a double sense. For one, because the previous success of the optics should not be too big changes in the game set, which is why there were only minor Changes to the body. On the other, because the developers have lowered with an aerodynamic body shell in addition to the consumption, the noise level. So, for example, the windshield wipers were hidden deep under the hood in order to avoid air turbulence. In addition, thicker mats and more massive discs have been installed; there is a more precise fit and longer adhesive seams on the sheets. In the case of the diesel models, the engines were also equipped with dynamic dampers in the piston pin.

More Details about the Mazda CX-5 in the Video:



If it closes, of course, on the front passenger seat – time, short eyes, the silence in the car consciously. The rest is one of the features that highlights the CX-5 from the mass of Mainstream SUVs. It looks as if Mazda Mercedes subsequently got eifert. This impression is reinforced by new tools, such as the Head-up Display, new Zierkonsolen with wood grain and a leather insert, as he is in this price range rarely. And Mazda does not process the skins only more generous than, for example, Toyota or Ford, but also voters, is a quality. So an atmosphere that feels like after the Upgrade.

While the ambience is similar to the Top model in the Mercedes, it was an eye on driving behavior rather in the direction of BMW. It is a fine Balance of comfort and toughness, the transmission is wonderfully crisp and the steering precise. The high Seating position and the lush weight to quickly forget, when you pick up the car around the curves. And after the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 known G-Vectoring Control interruptions now with imperceptible tensile force to the bow of the CX-5 curves a little immersion, in order to increase the downforce on the front wheels, the car goes even better around the corner.

Photo gallery

Autograph Mazda CX-5:
The Rest Of The Chamber

A bit of a break-in, however, who withdraws from the fully equipped test car, and in a CX-5 base model looks. Since everything Important is also on Board, the new seats offer the same comfort and the reclining back seat is just as practical. But with grey plastic materials, finishing upholstery, and an old-fashioned remedy display on the Cockpithutze instead of the modern Head-up projection onto the windscreen as the Top model in the base CX-5 looks like a car in the wood class.

The need to know: The production of the CX-5 in Japan, the first Europe-models are already shipped and should be here from 19. May be started with the delivery of the new model. The SUV will be offered with prices starting at 24.990 Euro. The motor selection – all four – cylinder remains the well-known, there is a 2-Liter gasoline engine with 165 HP and front-wheel drive or with 160 HP and all-wheel drive; a 2.2-litre Diesel with 150 or 175 HP (each with Front – or all-wheel drive). Is added to the engine line-up from the fall by a nearly 200-HP 2.5-Liter gasoline engine with cylinder deactivation.

New to the CX-5 is the more extensive selection of Extras. So Mazda offers for the first time, LED headlights with a twelve-Matrix for glare-free high beam. The adaptive cruise control now dominates the stop-and-Go traffic, the lane-keeping assistant intervenes as necessary to the steering Wheel, and the camera detects more recently, road signs and reports them to the driver. In addition, there is, for the first time in this model, heated seats and USB ports in the rear as well, also a first for Mazda, an electric tailgate. The latter, however, only for a surcharge and with a push of a button-without the now-widespread control by a hint of kick.

We will not forget: The attention to Detail in the Mazda up in the paint shop. If the shape of the New is hardly different from the predecessor, it should at least make the color a difference. Therefore, it was specifically created for the CX-5, the colour “Magma-Metallic”, which contains a very fine gloss and light – absorbing particles. The paint is applied also in a special three-layer process so that he gets much more depth, gloss, and brilliance. The customers like the obvious. As of now, Mazda sold with a rate of up to 30 percent – with the exception of Alfa Romeo, and Ferrari – more red cars than any other manufacturer.

Vehicle registration certificate


CX-5 (2017)


Four-Cylinder Gasoline Engine

Six-Speed Manual Transmission


1,998 CC

165 HP (121 kW)

210 Nm

From 0 to 100:
10.4 s

Maximum speed:
201 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
6.4 liters

506 Liter

1.620 liters

1.435 kg

4550 / 1840 / 1680

24.990 GBP

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