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Van and co. are the smallest, common Camper or? No. The company Reimo has transformed the VW Caddy in a small dwelling. This works thanks to a sophisticated interior.



Christian Frahm

Friday, 26.10.2018
At 05:02

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Along the main streets of Marseille in France, denser traffic. It continues through the narrow streets of the old town. To the left and to the right plants to grow in clay pots, with which the residents of your neighborhood have greened up, and make the streets even narrower. And small Restaurants that have their tables in front of the Load up to the edge of the road. A by come up with a mobile home would be impossible here, actually. Unless the vehicle is only to 4.87 metres long, 2.06 metres wide and 1.96 metres high.

Such a compact motorhome, the manufacturer has Reimo based on the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi in the offer. The reason for claustrophobia, there is not in it: Despite its compact Exterior of the Reimo Camper in the interior offers sufficient space for a minimum of two people. This is made possible by a well thought-out Expansion of the concept.

This becomes apparent, for example, in the multi-function of many components. You to fold the double seat in the second row, it is known to be a part of the deck area – so far, so. However, you now have the option of a further bracket that is used with its padding, then as a backrest against the direction of travel-facing seat group. One turns the attached pad and you lay flat the backrest in the direction of the rear of the vehicle, it forms a part of the lying surface.


A foldable strap with padding, serves as a backrest, or as a part of the lying surface

Another example of multi-functionality of the handles for the rear cabinets. The button-like Knobs jump in with a print out of your depression so that you can open the cabinets. At the same time they also serve as a support for the converted 200-times 113 cm lying area in the “basement”. In addition, the important compartments and drawers are arranged so that you can get also converted sleeping area. So the first coffee in the morning, still on the bed or enjoy Butter, cheese, and cold cuts for Breakfast from the cooler.

Traveling with a third Person can stay in this pretty comfortable in the upper bunk. Here, too, there is a trick: the entry into the roof bed will succeed is the Opening to the bed generously. It is located on the deck surface, you can fold a small pad. The smaller the entry opening is enlarged but the deck surface to 20 inches in length. To descend, the pad is simply folded back.

Possible all of this is because of the Camping furniture are adapted to within a few millimetres of the body of the vehicle. “The Expansion is aligned exactly on the Caddy, the space to be optimally exploited,” says Jan Schelper, sales Manager at Reimo. Nevertheless, the Caddy Camp offers quite a lot of storage space. On Board there are numerous small compartments and drawers for supplies, games, or washing utensils. And under the bed, two large suitcases and other Luggage fit easily. The bed is built, you get only from the tailgate to the case.

The Reimo Camp in the Video:



If sleep is not required, you can gain access to the lower bed with a few hand upright to be fixed to the left side of the vehicle. The not-needed cushion to find, in turn, in the recess of the rear, left side window seat. Converted two bikes fit in easily in the Camper. If necessary, the single seat can quickly expand to create more space for Luggage, the Seating is reversed positioned, even after a few hand movements. The variable table located in the tailgate, the table base is in turn secured to the hinteern side cupboard – everything has its place.

Details could still be optimized. Practically, it would be, for example, you could use the table outside. Also a cover for the sink would help to increase the relatively small work surface of the kitchen line. Speaking of the kitchen line who is more than just a Cup of coffee or water for tea, cooking, and a small Camping-menu cook should want to do it outside. Otherwise, the grease splashes from the pan spread over a large area in the vehicle. But the fact Reimo thought. By Loosening two wing screws on the cooker can also be used outside of the vehicle.

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Travel mobile:
Small Camping

A made in the test drive, which led to Marseille, however, is particularly noticeable: The greatest asset of the Reimo Camp is its compact scale. The southern French port city proved to be ideal testing grounds. There is the Mini-Camper even by the narrowest and smallest streets to maneuver, the drivers of larger motorhomes from the Five-Meter Segment is regularly provided to capitulate and had to turn around. You want to reach your holiday destination, you can use the Camper without problem the left lane in the direction of the South. The fact that you’re sitting in a mobile home, reminded then, it is often only the view in the rear-view mirror, the one on the camping furniture and a large sunbathing area looked.

A further advantage of the compact Camper also brings its low fuel consumption. On average, the Reimo Camp used in the Test 7.5 liters on 100 kilometers. With a tank volume of 60 liters, the calculator makes a range of 800 kilometers. The base variant of the Reimo Camp with a 1.0-litre Petrol and 102 HP, there are 33.580 Euro. Not the roof, which is charged with a further 4380 euros. The test vehicle with a 2.0-litre Diesel and 122 HP, all-wheel drive, Diesel heater and many other Extras costs 52.340 Euro.

The bottom line is that the micro camper is suitable for a short weekend Trip for three people. With two children on the way to the bedroom is enough space for four people, even if it is inclusive of Luggage, then pretty closely. To second-sufficient campers can also do longer trips. The Reimo Camp is, in a sense, the cars return to the beginnings of the camping – to have a roof over your head, a chef, and every day in a different place will not Wake up, the more there is a need for often.

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