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The relevance of the topic of alternative fuels is increasing in parallel to the
Petrol prices. In this respect, the Timing of Volvo is almost perfect: The
Sweden now face two of their models as a Bi-Fuel variants – the cars run on natural gas or gasoline.

Thursday, 19.04.2001
12:16 PM

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Volvo Bi-Fuel

The Swedes are the First, the vehicles in the upscale
Middle-class from the factory with a so-called bivalent drive equip.
Project Manager Peter Boisen founded the Initiative: “We believe
the topic of natural gas as a car fuel is becoming more and more important. Petrol
and Diesel, are becoming scarcer and more expensive, a satisfactory
Hydrogen power will have to wait at least 10 to 15 years
. Since natural gas is as an Alternative.”

In fact, cars like the Volvo models V70 Bi offer-Fuel and S 80
Bi-Fuel a number of advantages. First of all: It is
perfectly “normal” vehicles. You look like your only
Gasoline-burning brethren, and drive. The
Top speed (205 km/h) is identical to that of the
Standard acceleration from 0 to 100 needs the car in the gas mode of 0.5
Seconds longer than when running on petrol – a difference which, it is confidently
can forget.

Gas tank instead of spare wheel

Also, the space remains the same. The three gas tanks
(75 Liter and twice with 12.5 litres) to sit under the floor of the vehicle.
The petrol tank shrank to 30 litres, and there is no spare wheel
more in the Bi-Fuel models. The only changes compared to the pure
Petrol or diesel models: Under the fuel filler flap have
Bi-Fuel cars not just the filler neck for the petrol, but also
the connection for the gas refueling. And in the Cockpit, there are
two tank level indicators, as well as a Bi-Fuel choice button.

Technically, of course, a lot had to be changed, such as
Engine electronics, as well as the camshaft and the valve seats. On the
Bi-Fuel operation were both in the station wagon (V 70), as well as in the
Limousine (S 80) of the in-line five-cylinder 2.4-Liter displacement and 140 HP
(103 kW) converted. In practice, the drive In the works:
Starting the engine with petrol, until the cooling water a
Temperature of 15 degrees has been reached. Then it will automatically
Gas switched. The gas tanks (range of about 300
Kilometers) to empty, fired with gasoline (range also
about 300 kilometers). Who manually between Gas and petrol operation-
and switch like, you can this with the Bi-Fuel key-in the Cockpit

Combined model helps to save fuel

Volvo Bi-Fuel-Filler Neck

In the driving test, the of worked without any signs
Ingestion of the engine or other reactions. The car purrs to that point – particularly in gas – nice and quiet. “Spectacular
unspectacular,” says Volvo engineer Jörg Lober.
But why should someone come to the idea of a Bi-Fuel car
buy, the costs in the case of the station wagon model V70, exactly 59.261 Mark and
thus, 4889 Mark more than the comparable gasoline engine? For example:
Gas to drive about half cheaper than petrol. A Kilo of CNG
(compressed natural gas) in Germany costs an average of 1.30 Mark. On
100 kilometers of the V70 is in need of around 6.3 kilos of natural gas to the price of about
8,20 Mark. In petrol mode, the car burns just under nine liters of Fuel, the
more than Double the cost. The ratio between natural gas and
The price of oil is by the way, stay until the end of 2009 to be constant, because a minimum of
until then, tax incentives for CNG.

Another advantage is the reduced pollutant emissions. Natural gas is
mostly methane and burns cleaner than gasoline. The
Emissions of carbon dioxide is reduced in comparison with the
Petrol by about 20 percent; extremely low also
Hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide emissions. In addition,
Natural gas cars of various regional gas suppliers; in Berlin,
Augsburg and Hamburg are, for example, relatively high incentives,
CNG-drive-driven mobile.

Gaszapfsäulen in the Coming

Disadvantages, however, are also available. In addition to the higher purchase price,
but it can be quickly amortized, especially the
The range in gas operation, and the thin gas-filling station network.
Nearly 200 stations there are in Germany to date, especially in the
Metropolitan areas. By the end of the year, a further 100 Gaszapfsäulen to

So you can find the easily, want to Volvo, the new Software for his
Navigation system according to programming. For Bi-Fuel cars
400 pre-orders from Germany, Sweden, incidentally, has already
before. From the summer of the vehicles on the roads; in the coming year
in total should be 1000 models sold. Peter Boisen: “We give
on the Gas.”

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