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In the nineties, the D&W catalog was the Bible of tuning fans. But the days of the pimped Opel Astra, VW Polo or Ford Sierra are over. Or don’t you?

IP IP IP!!! Behind me, in the end, what comes and Roll with loud bass angehopst, while I wait at the red light. Fabulous! In the rearview mirror, I see a scoop on a plastic bonnet with Race contact closures. Now the car pulls to the right and stands next to me. UMF! UMF! UMF! The automobile belt line, adorn in cursive set initials of the driver. I think. The traffic light is red. The rear wing from the Format of a pub bar is rounded off by bug-eyed rear lights with lots of little lights in it. Part almost on the road abrasive, I admire the very bottom of expanded plastic door sill and with the labels attached to air suggested intakes.

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  • Joy Kroeger

    We move cars and moves us. Our life on wheels is a series of experiences, many of the void, other important and worth telling. Jens dance have these special moments in mobile have always been so fascinated as the cars themselves. Of his favorite episodes, his observations of the car everyday dance told in this Blog.

No suspension travel is for the driver seems to be a good travel, the low profile tires cower directly into the wheel arches. The back seat is a Subwoofer from the diameter of a rain barrel replaced, the bass cause, in spite of the buffer capacitor misfiring and the rear lights in the bar flicker. BOUM! BOUM! BOUM! All of the body welding points, which are not the stiff suspension, breaking, tearing, at the latest, at 230 Bpm. Both Windows are being wound down, the Beat stomps out of the speakers and makes the above-listed add-on parts schnarrend vibrate.

BOOM SCHRR! BOOM SCHRR! BOOM SCHRR! The driver, I don’t see almost at all, he seems to be quite small. For some reason the steering Wheel with the extended left Arm is kept, the shoulder under the harness pulled slightly upwards, the upper body to the center of the vehicle and for the music inclined. Next to him, I perceive a young woman looks at her Smartphone. The two are not talking, as well as, in the case of the loud music? The traffic light is green. The engine screamed for a brief Moment, louder than the music. The back of the slim series tube of the four-cylinder flows in a tube furnace, in which a Handball’d fit in. The unit unleashes its 70 HP at 7000 Rpm and develops the torque of a rotating truth or dare-bottle on a kids birthday. The way he is, and leaves me in a little blue Ölwolke stunned.

Taste is non-negotiable

I had really believed, the DIY Tuner to be extinct in the nineties, but seems not so. But you know what? At the end of the day, I pay tribute to the person you have my respect, investing a lot of money and a lot of time in the car to personalize it so that it corresponds to his Wishes. You don’t have to be my wishes. Who am I that I should judge? Taste is not negotiable, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or of the owner. But on my next trip I have to smile pretty, and the images in my head will not let go. Yet minutes later, I mean, far to hear the Bass.

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