“Some cars are like a loaded gun”

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Cars often look threatening. With the aggressive Design, the industry attracts targeted drivers who want to demonstrate Superiority. This has consequences for each other on the road.



Nils-Viktor Sorge

Christian O. Bruch

Nils-Viktor Sorge

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Since July 2018 at SPIEGEL ONLINE editor in the Department mobility.

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Thursday, 13.09.2018
At 06:01

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Audi’s small car A1 in this year grimmigeres face. The radiator grille has six instead of four corners, and sharp cuts give and air vents, a aggressiveness, which was previously soft-drawn carriage, foreign.

To have “feminine” cast of the old model to the Volkswagen group, the gentlemen in Wolfsburg, Germany, and Salzburg, told manager magazin. This is also why Audi have replaced the design chief.

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Threatening Cars:
Evil eye, big mouth

Almost all manufacturers rely increasingly on a dominant Design for many models. They promise higher sales of cars, whose drivers feel on the road and superior. But this also brings problems.

Long before all sports cars and other expensive cars have to extend the “evil eye” in front of herget. Meanwhile, even the smallest on cars such as the Toyota Aygo, family carriages such as the Skoda Octavia classic Premium sedans and SUV’s with relevant characteristics.

Often the face of the car is reminiscent of predatory animals or monsters. That is the impression of the arrow to convey-shaped lines, a larger grille and slits narrowed headlights. One example is the VW Golf illustrates this development. Only his front lights ball around, then they became increasingly narrow. Something like that then acts like an angry eye, design Professor Paolo Tumminelli.

Cars as a nonverbal means of communication

Manufacturers keep large parts of the front fascia in Black. This reinforces the threatening effect.

“Some cars are like a loaded gun – which is hopefully never used,” says Dresden traffic psychologist Bernhard Schlag. Cars is a non-verbal means of communication with the driver, other road users could be at risk.

“Basically, archaic patterns appear,” says the Stuttgart-based design Professor Lutz fügen-local. “The driver bares the teeth by Design. The need some weak characters.”

People are willing to pay for a domination

The car manufacturers know this and build their vehicles accordingly. Domination is a value, people are happy to pay for it, says psychologist shock. “The manufacturers get massive.”

Business leaders such as Audi CEO Rupert Stadler. “Many motorists want to buy a rolling Statement for restraint,” said the now due to the exhaust gas scandal arrested a Manager at the Geneva motor show in 2017. “You want products with which they can identify.”

The largest value is a mean looking car when Overtaking. “The driver sees a facial expression in the rear-view mirror, which lets him make,” says fügen-local. Some of the cars and reinforce the hierarchy in the road.

Children already understand the message

Also in the town of scary cars to achieve the desired effect. Such a vehicle, soft pedestrian is approaching faster, a psychologist, observed impact. “The driver calls for offensive consideration. Children already understand.” Cyclists therefore often more careful, if a car with a Grimace comes close and might feel provoked.

As long as drivers threaten with your car only, but also advantages. “If all the understand the signals from a controlled System Over – and under-regulation possible,” says blow. This have, however, dictatorial trains. And as soon as the driver giving full vent to their supposed Superiority through offensive driving, will the traffic actually unfried.

Call for a “new attitude” remains unheard of

Time and again, experts have called for industry-friendly-looking vehicles. “Cars are no longer allowed to be so aggressive,” asked Volkswagen’s Ex-chief designer Murat Günak in 2007, and suggested “a new attitude”.

Has not been answered Günak. In the case of Volkswagen the Beetle convertible the bargain looks even plenty of repellent. In his model, the beetle unsuspected, yet so friendly.

BMW holds up today, bit of Understatement. “A BMW should always look like he wants to devour the road ahead,” said chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk in the past year.

Electric cars bring, no design of turning

In this setting, the rise of electric cars does not appear to change little. So consideration of this may be to the environment, so Intrusive, many of the electricity act on the road.

The BMW models i3 and i8, are good examples. Also, Tesla chose for its vehicles the conventional approach. Why manufacturers should dispense with this argument, especially as the battery car is often much faster speed than nitro?

Autonomous vehicles, the appearance of the car change

Nevertheless, the age could be gentler cars, expected Designer fügen-local. With the Advance of Autonomous vehicles will change the look of the car drastically.

As long as a Person steers the vehicle, not verstöre an aggressive Design other road users to extreme. “Behind every windscreen sits a man. The reduces the impression.”

Without a driver, this is a huge difference. A dangerous looking robot on wheels pushed the human Psyche, says the Designer. This would then infer about the conclusion: “If in a Darth-Vader-costume no man is plugged in, then it is probably Darth Vader.” So much fear and terror will, however, do not want a manufacturer to spread.

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