SPD threatens to car manufacturers with fines in the billions

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Is exacerbated – according to the judgment to drive the pace of the policy, banned in Berlin – compared to the car companies? The SPD is considering a fine for manipulating diesel cars – could be the manufacturer.

Wednesday, 10.10.2018
10:25 PM

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The SPD increases the pressure on the car manufacturer and also brings fines for manipulated diesel vehicles into the game. The German and the foreign manufacturer would have to finally admit to technical retrofitting of diesel cars and for cities with the threat of a Prohibited the costs, urged the parliamentary group. If the top Manager refused, the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) impose, for each of the manipulated vehicle with Scam software a fine of 5000 euros.

The reason for the recent claims is prohibited, the judgment to diesel driving in Berlin. The country needs to lock after a decision of the administrative court of Tuesday, at least eleven sections of road from mid-2019 for older vehicles. To be affected cars with the Euro 5 emission standard and poor, but also for more modern diesel vehicles with Euro 6, there is still no clear. Berlin is the first German city that has to impose driving bans to improve air quality. In Hamburg, sections of road are already blocked, including in Stuttgart and Frankfurt driving bans are imminent.

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Driving prohibitions:
In these German cities Diesel are undesirable

“Anyone who cheats should have to pay for it. Maybe the car Manager to come finally to your senses,” said SPD parliamentary group Deputy Sören Bartol. “Apparently, the car manufacturers have the danger of driving bans for diesel vehicles, such as in Frankfurt or Berlin, is not yet completely understood.”

Fine, the motor could impose Federal

The claim of the SPD is not new. In mid-July, the German environmental aid (DUH) had called for a guerrilla action in front of the Ministry of transport fines. They appealed to the Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), to demand 5000 Euro per fraud diesel from Audi, BMW, Daimler, Opel, Porsche and foreign manufacturers such as Fiat. The DUH reckoned at the time that alone for the 2.6 million VW-fraud diesel a fine of 13 billion euros would be due. Overall, the DUH out of a total of eleven million Diesel passenger Cars in Germany. However, it is still less than half of the vehicles in an illegal defeat device detected. The DUH is pulling in several cities for clean air in front of the court and is trying to impose driving bans for dirty diesel cars. The Berlin-based judgment is based on your action.

The fine could impose on the competent Federal motor transport authority. New vehicles may be sold only with a valid certificate of Conformity. Therein is to certify that the vehicle complies with the approval of the model measured values. Through the manipulation software which is however not the case. This rule also applies to vehicle types approved in other EU States, thus the authorities have also the possibility of Sanctions against foreign manufacturers.

However, the possibility of fines for manipulated Diesel. Not all vehicles are affected by driving bans, have been shown to have a Scam software.

15 cities with particular air pollution

The Grand coalition had agreed only a week ago on a package of new measures for highly polluted cities, the drive to avert bans due to dirty air. It provides, among other things, incentives for buying new cars, more old Diesel from the streets. In addition, Engine retrofits to older cars – the fundamental Commitments of the car manufacturers are missing but still.


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