States want to ban petrol and diesel cars

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The Federal Council requires LEVEL information for Diesel and petrol cars. In 14 years, only emission-free vehicles should received approval.

The States want to allow to MIRROR the information from the 2030 no petrol and diesel cars and more. According to a decision of the Federal Council in its recent meeting has passed. Thus, both the SPD and Union – governed countries are in favour of a corresponding prohibition. (This message comes from the MIRROR. The new MIRROR, you can find here.)

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In the decision, the EU Commission, “the current tax practices of the member States on their effectiveness in terms of promoting zero-emission mobility to evaluate… so that by year 2030, throughout the Union, only emission-free Cars to be allowed”.

The Greens welcome the decision, surprised. “If we take the Paris climate agreement seriously, after 2030, no internal combustion engines, and more new on the road,” says Oliver Krischer, parliamentary group Deputy in the Bundestag. “The Federal Council has adopted a cross-party way, and it is correct. It’s no wonder, if the Union and the SPD to force yourselves shortly thereafter if Green demand the implementation.”

In order to meet the climate change agreement, to reduce the country’s CO2 emissions by 2050 by up to 95 percent. A measure is the promotion of electric mobility – is, however, so far with modest success. A purchase premium has not yet brought the desired start-up.

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